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April showers

Sunday I shot rifles at the benchrest range in the morning.
Then I went from there to the big sioux range and practiced with Bennefit and Roger.
Ran a mini stage a few times is all since I forgot my belt amidst loading all the rifle stuff.
Weather so far is looking crappy for Omaha match on March 5th .
So it looks like my first match of the season will be Omaha on April 2

a slight pause

Mr. Diggler picked me up and we went to Big Sioux today to enjoy the freak weather.
At first we couldn't get through the gate. The padlock wouldn't budge. Arghh.
Tried various combos and neither one of us could get it open. Called Fred who said the combo hadn't changed.
Finally after a copious dose of Mobil 1 and beating on the side of the lock with my leatherman
it popped open.

Started with el prez cold. 5.92 I think?
Strong hand draws @ 7 just over a second with 0.99 the fastest pretty much just indexing
Josh showed up and then Randy and then Fred and Steve.
Fred and Steve shot in bay two, Randy migrated back and forth.

I had a hell of a hard time with a small steel plate with SHO and WHO at the end of the practice.
I did ok practicing high standards and Bill drills at 25 yards.
I am feeling faster than last year. My times on stuff were pretty close to Josh
I shot 4 aces a couple times and the reload was 1.2x
Shot 350sih mixed practice rounds today with one failure to chamber

Oh and yes, shooting PCC does indeed feel like cheating and is a hoot.


Drill 8 (6R6) 30 minutes with variations
white wall 5 minutes
I ordered shoes to replace my hashed out ones.
Same kind and color but size 12.5 cuz the last pair was too tight
- Speedcross III $64.99 with a $25 amazon gift card (Thanks Ev )

hands hands hands

my hands hurt. that's apparently a good thing.
Slacked off on dryfire for the last few days but tonight
ran SA2 drills 1-7? burket reloads
My par times are improving and index is better.
Some wacky stuff can happen at .2 seconds under
The weakhand transfer needs some dedicated work.
Turning on my right foot is better and new so I need to give that more time too.
Quit when I had the front mag pouch loose from burkett reload drill
More boolits came yesterday and there are full primer tubes waiting.

nine brass from the sky

Met Gary for pancakes and then we went to the fun show.
Josh walked into a decent brass deal today working at the gun show.
He carted ~ 15000 pieces for about 50 bucks. 9mm.

Shot at Garretson today and kicked around Robert's winter classifier idea with Steve.
Every other Thursday evening in the winter we could run a couple uspsa classifiers. 10+ people needed
I think we could get that easy if we announced it at some matches this summer and pitched it on the website.

Sounds like it's a doable thing. I gotta talk to Fred about it
Steve seemed to really like the idea once we explained how it works.

As for my shooting today, It was OK .
I did crank off an oopsie practicing 1 shot per dot weakhand.
I also did some reload drills and missed one reload.
PT drill 4.66/4.84/4.77
dots 5.75 | 5.19 | 4.73 1 out

some other drill where it was two to a head type box , reload and 4 to a circle was 6.1
I may wish to track this drill and also the the small square big circle small square target/drill

Good Afternoon Mr. Wick

I went to see John Wick 2 today and it was a pretty good flick.
The dog doesn't have a name. WTF?

a half hour of dryfire before dinner tonight.
Mostly reloads again. Reloads to strong and weak hand. Wall drill before and after
I tried Diggler's AlphaX holster. Gotta have one.

Pancakes in the morning with Gary , then we'll check out the gun show.
Plan on shooting a bit in the afternoon at Garretson.
I am going to do the math on those classifiers tonight and reload a few hundred rounds.

So far my only goals for the 2017 season are to get my B card,
I would like to see my matches at least 70% at locals and 60 % at majors but
I am so sick of C class I have been practicing a lot more stand and shoot stuff
than I usually do.

about face

Walked out to the work parking lot to go to lunch.
50+ degrees and no wind. I turned around, went back in and clocked out.
A couple quick errands and off to the range.

First I sighted in the ACOG with the can.
8 clicks right and 8 clicks up.

Shot groups with the pistol. practiced pickups loaded and unloaded and reloading from the bench
More groups and done. Not a lot of pistol work can be done out there and I forgot my belt anyway.
I'm glad I burned the 4 hours leave. Cube land would have sucked my soul out this afternoon.

Ordered 2500 bullets.

ls -l

Bullets. Lots of bullets. est. $500
new shoes - need go go up a half size. est $100
a couple MBX magazines. ets 250

dryfirelog 20170209

My lost magazine came out in the laundry so tonight did around 40 minutes
My oldest son brought his girlfriend home from school so I kept it short.
I also took the dryfire targets out of his room.
15 ft index warmup
A few minutes at the wall
reloads from all pouches.
more reloads. micro reloads of getting the mag indexed correctly in my left hand.
moving reloads.
more trigger work at the wall.

Printed the classifiers and got the hit factors from az shooters.
I also added a practice match and put them in my phone.

I will make B class this year.

I am down to under 1000 bullets again so its past time to order more swampstomper lead.
I'll call and get another discount code and order tomorrow.
Ol Diggler got himself a gas pedal and new (alpha-x) holster he's itching to try out.
That's another 250 I don't need to spend but if I do I better do it soon.

Gun show is this weekend that I'm hoping to skip.