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Where's the Zen Coffee ?

A lot has changed in the past few weeks.
A discussion about "burnout" among the shooters I practice with led to a series of changes
Pete teased me about facebook which everyone knows I despise.
He got me to thinking about it and realizing it's not my place to stand in the way of those that enjoy facebook.
So Skippy volunteered to setup and maintain a facebook page. If you do the facebook thing pay it a visit.

It was also decided to move the setup to sunday morning only and the registration deadline to 9 a.m.
I was against doing that until next year in order to give everyone fair notice but lost the vote.
I like the idea and since I won't be the one turning anyone away it's all good.

It has been a strange year that people don't practice as much anymore.
The two man requirement has really put a cramp on that. It sucks to
have to try and coordinate with others and not being able to practice alone.
You can't practice what you want, when you want for however long you want.
We didn't realize how good we had it until after that landowner stirred up the fuss about three years ago

SFPS July 09 2017 Match

What a nice change. I didn't have to hold a timer once this match.
I definately chatted too much when I should have been visualizing.
I only had one interruption to replace an overheated nook. I was on deck of course.
My goal was to visualy progam each stage three times and I failed to achieve that.
My other goal was to leave acceptable shots on each target. I did not achieve that either.
I zeroed a standards stage as did half the shooters. Lost my balance on the classifier.
Last stage of a hot ass day was a memory stage and I lost my plan and got a bit lost.
I need to practice hard entry to ports and leaning positions. Need new brake pads too.
All things considered I had a better match than the last couple and feel I am climbing out of the rut.
Score Summary Here

lost my balance on the classifier and threw a D. had to adjust position on the low port cost me a second

shooting in the rain

I need to ask Fred to order some of those Nook rain shields like they had at the GPS.
We are down to six working nooks. One went tits up last match

Here's a vid of the 130 point stage I zeroed for forgetting a position.
Thanks Dirk for the closeup of the targets I spaced off. lol

and more train wreck

and did I mention shooting in the rain sucks. Here I switched to to my trifocal glasses cuz it was darkish. Double Turtle mode :(

And finally here is where I eat my words about the timer catching the activator. I was just that slow.

GPS 2017

The day after ... The silver lining ....
I looked at the scores more in depth and if I toss the two stages I bombed ...
I would have shot 55.45 percent of my division. Not so bad

It would have been even better than that if (2)
I toss the 40 second stage where I think the RO let the timer pick up the activator stomp.
I'm pretty sure that's what happened because I felt that was one of my better stages and
Dirk's time was 35 seconds.

So if I bring my head to the game I can shoot to my ability.
Today I will reset my goals which I never did after achieving B class.
I'll write them down and say them aloud every day.

Great Plains Sectional 2017

Choked. Mental Game Diarrhea.
This is one of the very few times I've felt like quitting.
I zeroed a 120 point stage and the standards stage
I think I got +10'd on a stage too.
Perhaps the timer picked up me stomping on the activator at the end ?
You didn't have to shoot at the clamshell you just had to activate it so I walked
slowly over there at the end and stomped on it

So that's how I fubared the state match this year.
51% of winner in LTD. crushed overall.
At least I know what needs to be fixed.

It sucked shooting in the rain 80% of the day.
Also very glad two friends weren't hurt in an AD that happened.


did some live fire training with Roger wednesday evening.
Setup a bunch of crap and shot it different ways and then broke it down to components
Also Analyzed that weakhand barrel pickup. I'm surprised we don't see that more.

Meeting Randy tonight @ 5. Skippy sent me a reminder to start hydrating because
it's gonna be an oven in Omaha on Sunday.

The Mayor of Suckville

Bad match a gazillion mikes many of which were on steel so I was slow too.
I think I stayed up too late working on the rusty Merc. Those Miracle Paint fumes. blech
There was also a lot of drama and I really didn't have the focus I needed to shoot.
Here is the only halfway decent stage I had.

Here is some footage of the suckage



Steel at Sioux River Sportsman

I drove down to Canton to shoot plates Wednesday evening.
It's a very laid back and a fun group of guys.
Some of them shoot at Corson too but I never get to talk to them at those matches.
Fun change of pace and I needed it.
I lost to Dustin because my transitions suck.
I did watch one guy really struggle and I thought "I sure am glad that's not me anymore."

Nothing takes 15 minutes

yeah I guess I better adjust that 15 minutes a day goal to a half an hour.
It took an hour to do 15 minutes today. I also need to write an on season training plan.
Tonight I felt kinda lost until I grabbed the SA book I worked with all winter.
My times are still there and I didn't feel as clumsy as I thought I might.
It was all static stuff to get out of C class so I need make a list of weaknesses and drills to improve them.