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Drudge Me Not

I dryfire practiced Friday for two hours and Saturday for a little over an hour.
It didn't feel like drudgery at all so I guess I took sufficient amount of time off.

Worked the exercises from Steve Anderson's first book. Definitely faster than the last entries written in there
I still need to go back through last years blog entries and decide if logging practice in a blog provides any real insight.
Yeah, it holds me accountable but I may begin using a different method of tracking progress on drills and times.

I will start going back to Garretson for an hour a week of live fire. I think they begin that this week.
I believe doing that weekly paid off last year and prevented me from building bad habits in dryfire (like a sloppy grip and press)
There are only certain things I can work on in that environment but at least I can do it myself. I hate that 2 man rule at Big Sioux

Hey Clumsy

Did enough dryfire tonight to know I need to start back on a scheduled plan.
pressing the trigger fast from distance or slapping with no wobble continues to be a struggle
practiced reloads to the weakhand. tablepickups and transitions. some movement,,,bend those knees!
Need to order more bullets have probably a thousand left to load. It will wait until I get back from MN next week.

the first six shots

The morning after it snowed (more like slushed) I went out to try the new suppressor.
Weather conditions sucked. Cold, icy and windy. I shot off a backpack from the bench at 100 yards
I first mounted it on the Tikka ( which I had not re- zeroed since taking it apart to send for barrel threading)

The mag had 3 rounds of Hornady 165 gr SST Interlock.
It was windy and I had earplugs under a stocking cap so I can't speak to sound reduction.
The first shot felt "odd". WTF? AHA. Recoil reduction. Shot it twice more and marveled at how
this light hunting rifle that kicks like a mule had been massively tamed by the suppressor. BONUS.

I went downrange to check the target and was pleasantly surprised by the "group" a bit to the right.
Went back up and switched the can to the AR15 and shot that off the bipod from the bench.
I pulled the second shot bad but the accuracy wasn't horrible and all I really heard was the buffer tube spring.
I shot a few more shots with the AR and then went down and pulled my handy menards leaf bag target.

Varmints Beware

My suppressor finanly came in yesterday.
Submitted 03-18-2016 and approved 11-01-2016
Haven't had a chance to shoot it.

more than once in the dark. :)

pictured is a Tikka T3 Lite in 30.06
I had the barrel for it and the predator threaded by ADCO

Anxious to get to the range. Snow forecast. Which is OK.
I love hunting and shooting in fresh snow.

There's a picture on my instagram of the bushmaster
go check that out if you are on instagram there is a link to me
at the bottom of this page.

the red book

the walll and then worked on stuff from stoegers dryfire book
primarily pages 17-25.
the first time I read this book the par times seemed ludicrous.
Tonight I could hit the 0.7 par time on draw component drills
not so much on the one second reload. I set it for 1.2 and was barely hitting that
concentrated on getting weakhand to new mag fast and "first" and my my times improved.
maybe a little too much focus on that since a few times the outgoing mag was still exiting.
Transition component drills - drill 2 was 1.8 sec
Drill 1 at 0.6 was only achievable from tactical low ready
did the dot drill at 3 paces

elapsed time was 47 minutes
note: used my twenty dollar eyebuy dryfire glasses

Rifles and Pistols

Went out to the benchrest club Saturday morning and shot "groups". Also tested Bushmaster. OK.
Sunday @ 9 am I shot a couple different rifles I hadn't shot in a while. One needs some work. The other was fine.
Around ten some guys showed up and we practiced a couple hours on various things. (Josh, Jason and Roger)
Dot drill.
Some transitions from different distances
El Prez reps at 7. Four Aces at 15. Then some strong hand weak hand stuff.
Not a bad practice and a great weather for the middle of November.
Pizza with Gary and zzzzzzzz.
Getting the ammo supply back up a bit.
Spent the evenings this weekend mainly cleaning and sorting brass.
Loaded about 500. Shot about 300.

season performance review and summary

A work in progress.

Initial feeling is that I did pretty well at the beginning of the year and poorly toward the end of the season
But this article is about trying to crunch the numbers and figure out why.
I'm pretty sure I got sloppier with my hits as I worked to increase speed and lost match mode.
I also fired around 20000 rds this year which was disproportionate to my dryfire during the season....

practice dates live and dry from blog beginning in january
I need to start here and work backwards
summary from table
trends and comments

Club Match Results

April ENPS match 9 of 46 LTD 64 percent of tom engel and 30 of 104 overall

Save a Warrior Charity Match

I volunteered (yeah, I know) to help Bryan K. last weekend with a charity match in Vermillion benefiting "Save a Warrior".
Friday morning I met Bryan and Fred at the range and we loaded up three plate racks on Bryan's trailer. He tied them down and away we went.

For about 600 yards. The first corner he took the sharp steel of the plate racks cut his tie down straps and one plate rack came tumbling off.
Oops. By using Fred's steel cables and some chains I had we were able to get the racks to Vermillion and back without further incident.

The match itself was interesting. It started with a USMC color guard and a girl singing the national anthem.
Barry ran the trapshoot part and Fred, Robert O, Bryan and I ran the plate rack and rifle shoot portion.
Lots of different shooters.Everything from a veterans biker club to 4H kids.

Busy Slacking Away

I haven't written in the blog for what seems like a long time for a few reasons.
Laziness is a given but it goes beyond that. I was ready for the season to be over.
O V E R. And then it was. I didn't even touch a gun for weeks. No dryfire. No livefire.
It felt great. But.....
There was a nagging sense of something incomplete. The blog.
Part of the reason for blogging my training is to analyze it.
It was an intense season and I haven't been willing to go back and take a deeper look.
All the quickly recorded drills need to be looked at and match results.
What did I improve on and what did I discover needs improvement.What practice methods were most productive.
I have a pretty good idea of the answers to these questions. It's too much for one blog entry so I will split iit into parts.
The charity Zombie match coming soon and I'm really looking forward to that.
Minus Two Seconds per stage for wearing a costume.