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forward cant

around 150 rounds live fire. worked on transitions.drills and leaving and entering positions
had one click on a badly seated primer. Re-ordered the Hundo 40 long (40L) case gauge
R may have fixed my surrender draw issue with a more forward cant on BOSS Holster.
found a bunch of 40 brass someone left in bay 2.
the arm was feeling a little better but there's ice on it now !
need to dryfire practice entries and weight distrib foot technique for launching. and work on the brakes

Shit Show ex·tra·or·di·naire

While it was Mississippi hot and my arm is AFU there is no excuse for how poorly I shot the GPS.
I can hardly stomach watching video. short version of mistake list to follow video review.
Since the scores were posted with the android version there is no individual breakdown summary.
I had the worst mental game ever.In 9 stages I had 13 mikes; 2 NS and 3 FTE. Wow.

practice with fred

Regarding your txt mesg:
> Based on your performance at the sectional what should you be practicing tonight ?

How does one practice pulling their head out of their butt ?

Top 3 things I did wrong:

(1) Stage planning and execution. This what killed me.

(2) Reloads. ( holding the mag release button long enough while keeping the magwell vertical until the mag is free as well as properly seating magazine)

(3) Ports: keeping the gun out of them as much as possible and knowing what will targets will be there and in what order I will engage them instead of hunting for them.

Looking at area3 stages:

There is an unloaded table start
Wide transitions between poppers
SHO while moving and SHO through ports medium distance (ball stage)
4 drop turns on stage 9
one shot A hits / transitions on turtle target arrays