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Area 3 Match Review

I went to the Area3 match this year. First time I have shot a level 3 match.
One of my goals this year was not to tank this match. I failed to achieve the goal.
63rd of 84 and 45% match percent is tanked.
It was pretty much a series of unfortunate events.
First thing on Day1 we had to wait an hour and a half under a picnic shelter to let a rain storm blow through
It was pretty strong and blew some crappers over. I had some cheap rain gear in the car but Bryan lent me a jacket that saved my bacon.
So once we got started I was doing OK. I wasn't as consistent as I would have liked to have been but it was better than the GPS.
I shot a miss on a swinger on twisted steel and had a mag issue on "not so quick" and another mike on "One at a Time"
I placed 27th on the next stage "window shots" - with the poppers behind the tiny holes.
Then I was 45th on "nothing hidden"
Placed 30th on the footrace/ long popper or prone stage "how far".

Dryfire Tues 8/4/15

3 minutes – Slow Fire Trigger Control – my version
5 minutes – Transition Component Drills standard spacing
5 minutes – Reloads, follow book.
5 minutes – Bill Drill
5 minutes – 3 Grasp – 5 yard simulated target. Draw 2 shots freestyle, 2 shots strong hand only, 2 shots weak hand only. 3.5 seconds
5 minutes – 180 degree transitions. Follow book.
3 minutes – Slow fire trigger control – my version

had some comments here but drupal is acting weird and not display content just created
It happened last night when I wrote the entry for the area match (but it showed up 15 minutes later.( wtfo?) and now today when I made a blog entry for dryfire practice journal

live fire wednesday

Nobody practicing at the range tonight but me.
Accompanied by my trusty range officer, Augustus McCrae, it looked to be a promising evening.
Started with two groups of six at 20 yds. The first string was unimpressive but given the BS at the end of work today I wasn't concerned
Then a did a quick series of singles, @ 3 and 7 . Couple C's.

I wore the Nordstrom band and not the compression strap. It bothered my elbow and forearm more loading mags than shooting.
Worked the rubber bands on the drive home. Haven't used ice for at least week so I was feeling brave and haven't worn the splint the last three nights
This morning when I woke up it was a bit sore so I'll wear it again tonight

ad hoc dryfire

Didn't get any serious dryfire done tonight, Changed mag carriers orientation to ride lower.
trigger control drills 5-7 minutes
Some hands at sides and surrender draws 1.0 par
reload drills and micro reload drill 1.2 par and 1.0 par
transition drills no trigger no timer

Club Match August 9, 2015

My goal for this match was simply to wait for the sights.
When the clamor in my head got too loud I said 'wait for the sights'.
Since Fred was gone there was much more to do.
I never truly appreciated the match director until he's not there !

Saturday I helped setup stages in the morning. Then I went and looked at a car with Mr. Wu.
That evening I came back out with Mr. Diggler and practiced the classifier about ten times each.
We didn't learn how fast we could shoot it but we sure learned how fast we could NOT shoot it.
Wait for the sights.

The next morning I skipped breakfast with SGT Reliability and got to the range about 8:15.
Early enough to park close enough for line of sight to the wireless router.

dryfire 08-10-2015 - unloaded start

started at the wall without a holster then a little farther back from holster no trigger then slow fire trigger control
trying to remember to apply more pressure with weak hand and LESS with strong hand
draws - hands at sides and surrender
reloads to the bucket. some matt burkette micro drills
moved mag pouches to lower position and I like it better. chalk another one up for skippy
just a few minutes on movement
then some standard transitions
draws to SHO
barrel pickups
unloaded start with mags in pouches
- need more practice here - suspect they are going to do these in MN
since didn't see any stage descriptions but only diagrams.
practiced stuffing mags off barrel into mag pouches - do this stuff again
tomorrow and practice transitions and the fundamentals schedule

08-09-15 match shooting analysis

not the best idea to write this a week afterward so just a few notes
in order we shot them
Stage 2
was slow for the first two shots but a noshoot over target
the port I shot steel first and transitioned to paper but then transitioned back to the wrong steel array. so some confusion on target engagement order.
got the order right at the door but didn't reload before the door which cost me a SLOW standing reload in the doorway to finish one steel. The next array was afu because although I warned myself in walkthrough to look for port targets and finish with the low close ones and sure as hell I got in a hurry from that click in the last array I and shot the close ones first. but I shot it clean and go 3rd LTD and 7 overall.

Stage 3 - WTF
got off the buzzer quick and it went pretty well. I remember I did't remember the last array after the side targets up the middle. So I shot the plate rack first pretty much one for one while I remembered where the last two targets were. I did clip a no shoot on the far target behind Tim's Tube so glad I took three shots at that one. 3rd again and 9th overall.