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2015 Season - Lessons Learned

I learned a lot this year.

(1) Always have a backup gun for major matches that is suitable for the division you are shooting
My 2011 had a barrel link break on the last stage of the first day of the area match. I had a backup gun but it was a singlestack.
Dave was kind enough to lend me his spare but I had some issues shooting an unfamiliar gun with an extended mag release.

(2) Set your goals high but be realistic. Adjust when needed
When my circumstances changed I did not adjust my goals and just decided to let it play out and see what happened.

3000 FPS

Since I am taking a break from dry fire training and not doing much live fire .....
I started working on two five gallon buckets of 223 brass. By weight it's probably around 7 to 8 thousand.

I worked out a deal with a friend in that he can borrow my Giraud trimmer. In exchange he deprimes, resizes
and trims. For that he keeps half the brass.He's been churning them out and bringing them to me a few
hundred at a time. He's almost done with the first bucket.

In my new found albeit temporary free time I've been turning the brass into ammo.
Stuff it full, level it off, crunch one down, crimp and done.
Varget with 55 gr Hornady FMJBT. I have a couple thousand Hornady 55 gr SP to do also.

Since the above powder and Dillon measures are known adversaries I have been loading this sorta weird
I prime them on the 550 then fill from RCBS powder measure and then back to seat and crimp in the 550

I have all the components ready (maybe just a little short on powder)
Once I use up this 14ish lbs of Varget I'll try something that meters ok and go fully progressive

We'll see how many are done before the snow flies.