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dryfire 2015-11-19

belt pic

I'm done with the dry fire break. I had planned for thanksgiving but got itchy.
It wasn't quite the disaster I thought it would be. I didn't push hard though. 20ish minutes.
el fredo was kind enough to loan me a timer again this winter.
the par time was set to 180 seconds for the last 3gun match.
I set it to 1.30 and worked reloads reloads with a step and reloads between targets
some draws hands at sides and surrender. back to the wall of skippy and done.

Dryfire Log for 2016

11-19 => 20 minutes misc
11-21 => 20 min reloads, reloads w step. draws draw with step, slowfire trigger control
11-22 => 25 minutes - weird stuff barrels unloaded starts and slowfire trigger contol
11-23 => scheduled off
11-24 => blew it off
11-25 => 20 min
11-29==> 20 min
12-3 ==> ~30 min - wall draws draw reloads reloads w movement. reloads in transition. back to the wall for trigger press

note. getting better at mashing and dropping straight when still but when movement is added
the TILTcomes back. more explosive movement was pretty damn messy
transitions - eyes first is still not subconscious.

12-10 => 28 minutes - barricade stuff, barrel stuff, the wall 2x, weakhand wall, transitions large and small, crouches, unloaded starts, barrel starts, barrel mag changes and grabs etc
mini course incorporating that bbl stuff. plan and execute sequence of four arrays