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live fire 12/6/15

zero wind today and I had to get out and shoot.
I have pretty much zero 40 S&W loaded so I broke out the singlestack.

Much to my surprise there was no train wreck and it was really fun shooting the nighthawk.
But Holy crap the first Bill drill showed I wasn't clamping down with my weak hand

Diggler went with me and we measured stuff on the timer like wide transitions and short ones
draw and step into box vs starting in the box. only a tenth slower but accuracy suffered, reload times
We didn't work too hard. Did some reload.el prez, and Blake drills. .
We didn't move around much trying to keep the brass on the tarp instead of stomped into the mud.

Overall it felt pretty damn good, Beautiful weather and the little dry firing I have been doing
helped keep some rust off.

feels like 26

Jason sent me a txt re drills on sat 10 am
waved to fred on the upper range and went and shot with the fng
first a little mini stage which wasn't prettty and poppers on the move were ugly
so we did some movement drills but ran out of time/ammo befoer forward movement drill
need to dryfire practice the crap out of that.
did some transition drills shot the AR and bailed. about 2 hrs.
he did tape it - some of it was hilarious - dunno if he youtubes
also he's talking about a mark 7 meanwhile I'm waiting on him and his wife while they share a rig? wtfo

that was the last of my 40 ammo. I need to order bullets this week,
I do have a lot of 45 lead I need to load too.
still cranking out 223 and shelf is working on bucket 2.

why not

I received an interesting text message this morning asking
Why aren't we GMs. ? My immediate thought was motivation, discipline, time and money.
(Yes, I am aware I can't even spell disipline.)

Since Ben Stoeger's books came out there is a clear path to rapid improvement.
I experienced more change in a year than I had in the ten preceding it.
I made a dryfire chart and worked it 4x or more a week for an hour or more each session.
The goal was 5 times a week for an hour with one of those just being little mini stages.

I got faster and in the process amplified some bad habits and found some low hanging fruit to pick.
This was encouraging and I picked up the pace in training and ....

WHAM hello tendonitis.
Add horrible trigger control with poor sight discipline from cheating myself in dryfire
Additionally, switching from a 45 singlestack to a 40 Limited gun and gear in May
ensured season of chaos including major match meltdowns.

Garretson Indoor Range

I had the itch for live fire tonight and went to check out the indoor range at Garretson.
Picked up Diggler on the way and we got there about 8 pm
Signed in and shot 40 minutes for twelve bucks.
They didn't lay a bunch of rules on me and I didn't ask.

I strapped on the 1911 rig put a few mags in and went into the range part.
We had the place to ourselves. The RO said it was busy earlier
The range was 50 feet but the lighting seemed crappy enough I didn't
go out past 30.
Dot torture drill at 3 yards was unimpressive. Swtiched to paper plates
and here are the best times @ 5-7 yards.
(yeah they didn't have any range markings)
I wasn't pushing too hard because of the environment
1.35 hands at sides
1.81 - WHO 1 shot only
1.68 SHO

Switched Targets to 8 x 11 white paper and range to ten yards
surrender 1.52
HAS 1.31
Bill 3.67
4 aces 4.33

I wish I wwould have taken more ammo
It felt good I got some times logged and worked from the holster inside.