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the wall from guard and G range

dry fire note. - practice wall drill with finger on the frame - noticed a DIP tonight. It is a slightly different motion from my SS gun
This goes with not cheating myself in dry fire. I need to make it count. Mash and Slam.
Tuesday I joined the Garretson Range because I plan to get out there this winter each Tuesday evening to validate dry fire.
I went this week and did the dot drill 3x and a couple bill drills . Whoops that last shot was a climber twice.
Their weak sauce office max binder clip and my target went flying. Dammit ;)
Did some singles draw was avg 1.3.
Forgot my notebook so I didn't record any times but did pretty much the same drills as last time.

Indoor league at Gary's Gunshop

I received this email from Fred.
The Cost is $12 plus tax. It will be held every Monday night starting January 11th thru mid March. Starting time is 6pm and is usually over at 8pm. Everyone shoots 3 stages 4 if there is time. Each stage is between 28 and 32 rounds. In the third stage Revolvers are highlighted. All different types of targets are used. Contact Gary's gunshop if you want more information.


Every year I say I'm not going to shoot this "league" for various reasons I won't go into here.

But .... winter.

Probably Steve and Dennis will run it again. Apparently it was mentioned
they needed me for scoring so I guess that's my excuse. ;)

another drop in the bucket

learning drills tonight again starting at the wall then
dryfire reloads trying for par time in he red book. 1.0
I'm getting pretty close when it goes right but certainly not consistent yet.
I'm also using the bucket still trying to get that mag button mashed good and the mag ejected BEFORE tilting for insert.
Did the micro reload drills trying for red book par time .6. Those micro drills really help show where the mistakes happen.
Recorded some tonight. Did Transition Drill and micro drills from the red book.
Back to the wall drill for give minutes and done.

reloading note.
finished up those berry's plated bullets this morning and got the dies reset for the bayou bullets.
changed the overall length to 1.178. same powder charge. Need to load a box tommorow and verify they work
on Tuesday.

a hot steaming load

Received 2500 bayou bullets and adjusted for OAL length of 1.178.
Went to Garretson and shot the 100 I made. Seemed a bit hot.
Guess I better drop the charge a bit (EDIT: powder weight was 4.4 grains and for the berrys plated range is
Hodgdon Titegroup .400" 1.125" 4.2 901 27,400 PSI 4.7 988 31,900 PS)
so I'll leave it must have just been my perception of the recoil and too weak of a grip still.

Had two weird FTF malfs so I guess it's time to clean the thing.
Didn't record times because I was running late and only had a half hour to shoot.

what time is it ?

1. Draw to a 7yd target, A zone hit
2. Draw to a 15 yd target, A zone hit
3. Reload, A zone hit at 7 yds
4. Reload, A zone hit at 15 yds
5. Transition at 7 yds with targets spaced 1 yd. Same with target 3 yds apart
6. Transition at 15 yds with targets spaced at 1 yd. Same with target 3 yds apart.
Must be repeatable A zone hits, not lucky shots..

No I do not.
I need to record and avg these on Tuesday.
They will be a bit slow as I try not to push it at the indoor range.

rough estimate from dryfire 01-09-16
using 1/3 ? size metric targets assuming my paces = 1 yd

draw @ 5 = 1.1 sec with trigger
draw @ 9 = 1.3 - 1.4 sec w trigger
reload @ 5 = 1.3 sec par sloppy with trigger
reload @ 9 =1.4 sec sight picture only (SPO)
transitions @ 5 yds spaced 6 inches apart = 1.6 sec SPO
transitions @ 9 yds spaced 18 inches = 1.8 sec SPO

I am guessing it will be at least a half second slower live @ garretson
plus they don't have yardage marked there so I can only eyeball the distance.

GGS 2016-01-11

7th of 12. All three times.
Didn't test POI on that load and it shoots high.
Had trouble seeing the double targets that were overlaid.
Was using my reading/computer glasses to see the sights in crap light.
I'll try my regular trifocals next week. Steve wants me to bring a couple barrels.
Scores Here

Garretson livefire 2016-01-12

Busy tonight. Arrived at 7:30 which is a little earlier than usual.
Too noisy to do anything on the timer. all I got was one 2.17 sec reload drill.

I worked from the holster and did reloads and it didn't seem like it disturbed anyone.
My accuracy was good tonight. That wall drill seems to be sinking in some.

Did the dot torture a couple times - choked on dot five at an estimated 7 yards
Tried it shooting once each at the dots weakhand at pretty close range and missed the first three.
So I kept working on weakhand on those dots and it got better but I definitely will be doing that again.

Note: Need to make more mini-targets. file folder color on brown cardboard made it seem easier
I shot a rapid string of ten at a mini at 50 ft and the "group" didn't look too bad.
Using 4.2 with bayou is certainly softer than Berrys with 4.4 ;)

oh say can you see

I dryfired "freestyle" again tonight. Why waste a new Practical Pistol podcast.
wall , draw, reloads, trigger. wall,
Then just goofed around: started. draws to leans. seated draws. seated draws suck, just stand up.

I tried the piece of tape thing on my left lens. I still tried to look around it. So I taped a cleaning patch over the lens.
Draws and transitions. it felt weird but it felt faster. I tried acquring a sight picture from odd angles which I've always struggled with.
I tried shooting on the move and some reload drills. It all seemed faster and 'easier'.

I've always figured it would be too much work to try changing eye dominance when I have so much other stuff to improve.
But since I induce unnecessary body tension and visual fatigue with the whole cross eye thing it is worth exploring
An eye patch or tape won't look much if any goofier than canting and twisting my head. I am anxious to try it with live fire.

the middle of january

twenty below outside. Why is it hard to get motivated to dryfire.

Yesterday I met some friends for lunch and then went to Badlands range.
Bryan had purchased some VIP membership so he could get concert ticket discounts.
So Randy, he and I shared a lane in the VIP section. We shot forty minutes for 30 bucks. I gave him ten.
They didn't have their rigs but I did and used it for draws but not any reloads.

The best part was observing someone coming to a gun range and complaining about the noise:

There was a lady and kid shooting a supressed 22. When Randy let rip a 25 rd string with his open gun .... hilarious.
I think Randy was oblivious to it but the woman to our left was totally freaking out and called him an asshole.
The range worker took her out and got her some foamies to put under her muffs. The young kid didn't seem to mind.

Anyway, we just shot and didn't practice but it was pretty fun for ten bucks in the dead of winter.