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same same

2011 Grip stippled and undercut

Had backup gun grip stippled and undercut to match primary gun.
Also had grip safety pinned and trigger lightened a bit.
It was 3lbs 2.8 oz from Brazos and now its 2 lbs 9.5 oz

2 9 5

Dryfire tonight was 1/2 hour. wall drill three minutes freestyle and then 5 min wall drill SHO and WHO

Then I worked on drawing to weakhand the new way. It was frustrating.
Slowed it down and concentrated for a bit and then sped it up and it was a little better.
I can do it and it's worth doing. It's just going to take some time and lots of repetition to make it subconscious.

Did reloads and then reloads and transfer to weakhand. Trying to get that thumb on safety every time.
Same with SHO ; trying to get my thumb riding safety.
Ended with ten fast trigger presses from guard. That is getting better.

During my reload drills I noticed my weakhand is gripping much harder. Not quite sure how to approach relaxing the stronghand a bit.
I need to keep paying strict attention to GRIP. I believe the weekly live fire is helping me not get lax on grip.

the 90 minute hour

I received that OffEye fit kit today. Spent an hour with draws reloads and transitions.
I discovered I need the strongest patch or I revert to trying to use my left eye anyway.
I have had and will have better dryfire sessions. Yeah it was a mess.
Perhaps it was this offeye patch thing allowing more vision than the scotch tape does.

It's difficult work but it feels smoother and I feel much less tension
Not really a problem with the sights coming to the POA on the draw.
I am kind of second guessing myself about training with my right eye because without a vision barrier I revert to cross dominance.
In fact when I worked a little bit without the tape tonight things looked wonky. Maybe that's progress?
I will not mindfck myself over this. I will keep at it through the end of February and re-evaluate at that time.

Next Thursday I will start the stuck in B class plan again as my dryfire is becoming ad hoc.


I shot a hundred rounds today.
Met my friend Gary for ten. My egg yolk exploded onto the table fixin up my pancake sandwich
We went to benchrest club to test the new sights on his carry gun.
I shot with gloves on at 4 3rd size targets at 10 yds. Accuracy was good.
Just blastin. Home in time for a nap and then reloadesd and case guaged 300 rds.
I also helped Gary spend some dough at

please pass the torture

did a little dryfire early 0930 because vowed to do some mornings
worked on various stuff with that offeye filter. It's messing with me more than the tape.

Tonight I did drill zero freestyle only with patch
and when I would transition to the close wall the sight picture didn't arrive and I had to consciously move the gun a little.
When I took off the patch and did it the sight picture showed up fast on the transition to where I put my eye(s) to .
filled primer tubes, checked OAL adjusted seating die a bit

### from jon ###
Some questions regarding your eyes.

You are left eye dominate correct?

What do you see when you draw the gun without the eye patch things or tape?

I am guessing “double vision” or two sets of sights and two sets of targets?

Is the aggressive head tilt to make the double vision go away by using the corner of your left eye and taking your right eye out of the equation, or basically doing the same thing as closing your right eye?

If you close your right eye when lining up the gun and keeping your head upright can you focus on the sights?

A Fine Edge

Live Fire at Garretson last night was not as productive as other nights but yet quite enjoyable.
As I had decided to put the eye dominance work aside for awhile,
I didn't use the eye patch and it felt awkward. (more than usual).
I am going to try something with contact lenses that Fred mentioned.

My accuracy has improved. I shot a few groups which were tighter than I have ever shot
which leads me to believe all the trigger control work and attention to grip is paying off.
Yes the cursed wall drill.

My grip has a ways to go yet consistency wise. I did work on the draw to weakhand (jon style) and that is feeling better
and is definitely more controlled and I get better accuracy. Also concentrating on riding the thumb safety SHO.
These were defects I wasn't even aware of until last season with Jon. I hope to talk him into another session
at Beacon Hill this spring.

just barrely

Finally won playing cards Wednesday night.
Josh laughed at me because I have blue barrels in my house ;)

Didn't feel like dryfire so on Thursday so it was about twenty minutes of miscellaneous
started at the wall then draws at wall then draws at min targets.
static reload drills and static reload to weakhand. some draws to weakhand
a few lazy transition drills and back to the wall mostly weakhand and stronghand only

I need to reload and sort brass but in reality I'll probably play a game of zombies then watch some Better Call Saul on netflix and go to bed.
fun show tomorrow at convention center.
sherwyn has some brass for me and I need to pay him for some lead for Terry.

Diggler says he doesn't get hammer follow on his Aiepeiro with the original spring.
He is going to try a 12.5 pound ISMI spring since his intent was for it to eat factory ammo.

I hauled home from work 5000 bayou bullets which Terry was kind enough to carry to my desk.
He called the mailman a corn head which apparently confused the california kid postal worker.

hey shorty

shortest dryfire session ever. caught a cold on Saturday I felt a bit better this morning so did 15 minutes in the am
but "If you want to be really good at something you must do it every day". <= uncredited author probably stoeger
Some days it's just a trigger pull ot two but I try to handle it every day.
"Just cock the hammer" - randy

reloaded 300 rds last night.
paid sherwyn for bullets saturday and got 2500 pieces of brass
Now Jon has come through with a sweet deal on a bucket.
I have enough components for 7000 so I better get busy.

.020 is a lot

Brazos Custom Microdot Image

I went to the range at Garretson and shot around 200 rds through the Edge.
Randy and I replaced the STI recoilmaster with an EGW steel full length guide rod reverse plug with an 11 pound recoil spring.
It ran great and I had no malfunctions.
The front sight now falls back into the notch nicely. I felt like I was chasing it all over with the recoilmaster.
It takes me a bit longer to accept a sight picture with the Brazos Microdot front sight .040 compared to my lightening rod .060
but we'll see how it does outside where there is some decent light.
Sighted it in at about 18 yards.

spring chopper

tonight it was 20 minutes using the eye gizmo over my dominant eye
a minute at the wall
reloads and reloads transitioning between targets
wide transitions. plate transitions
more reloads becuase the first set of reps needed improvement
timer battery died. :(
switched to dry fire par timer app and did micro drills for reloads
did draw burkett micro drills
target doublevision started getting worse so I stopped.

eta- thread title is because the bad mag with the chopped spring kept spitting my dummy rounds on the floor.