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GTSN Live Fire 03-01-2016

Had the place to myself tonight. ( )
wife made me late so I missed catching Fred so I still owe him 27 bucks for target tape

dot drill 6 sec par - fail at dot 3 and 5
HAS draw avg 1.43 (ranged from 1.19 to 1.68)
Bill @ 7 => avg 2.78
SHO@ 7yds 1.57
reload drill = avg of 2.19
4 Aces = 3.71

new drill - 15 yd draw 1shot reload 1shot = > 3.28

dot drill @ 3 no timer - failed dot 5
Note: #4 Brazos mag doesn't eject from Vibria

There is a match in Omaha this weekend that I am considering shooting

quicky2 dryfire

This clip was toward the end of the 40 minute session tonight and I was getting tired.

I practiced a quicky 2 out of the s&d book. not really in the mood just trying to get an idea how long it takes me
we will see tommorow or sunday if 7 seconds dryfire should be around 9 secs live fire.
My draw sure looks lethargic for as close as the targets are in this drill.
Stoeger says to shoot it target focused.

quicky II 03-05-16

Pretty sure I am pressing the new mag button somewheren the draw.(sigh* so I switched to the edge which has the same button and it didn't happen again.
weirdness. anyway. it looks like 7 and 8 in dryfire is 9 and 10 + in live fire. I should have put them in practiscore but....
Gus charges by the hour for his RO services payable in food.
Overall the hits were good save for the far target.had left C and D shots
so I changed to the drill to Tight squeeze 99-48 and the hits improved on the far target but still not satisfactory.

Probably do this again tommorow along with some blake drills and wide transitions.
Tommorow I am going to meet gary for breakfast.and back to the range to join fred to practice.

I better get some more reloading done. I did three hundred last night and this morning
I. need to go to scheels and get some cci primers to make match ammo.
Gonna have to suffer through the winnys or just save them for rifle loads

over 60

practice at big sioux today, warm and windy

ran the accelerator drill a dozen times. 4.18 - 4.48
blake drills. my transitions suck. 2.64 | 2.70 | 2.70
super wide transition drills at 7 yds
Lots of draws HAS and SUR to 1 plate on rack
transition drills between paper and plate rack
randy and I ran the below drill a couple times
accelerator reload and from postion 2 shoot plate rack
4 bill drills 2 at the beginning two at the end
practiced quicky II once or twice. had one mike weakhand
another movement with headshots drill.
shot the plate rack walking backwards starting at 15 yards
The first time I did it well, the second time not so much
shot over 400 rds today

artic refuge

Hopefully with DST next week it won't be long until I can practice outside in the evenings.
Ammo consumption this winter has been increased but it's been worth it.
I believe I have made significant improvement in the fundamentals by validating dryfire training with weekly live fire.
No timer tonight as I put the loaner from the club back in the trailer on Sunday.
I put my range bag on the floor in front of me and most of the mags fell into in on reload drills.
I did better at the dot drills tonight.
Put my phone camera on the bench at the end and dinked around a couple minutes. The angle turned out kinda neat.
Also got to talk to randy and fred for a little bit. Looking forward to shooting with Josh K and hopfully Mr. Diggler on Saturday and
Fred and Randy on Sunday

foggy and with scattered slick spots

Didn't take much rain to make it slippery.

practiced the movement drills w randy and pete. move quicly around the barrels and pause for the shot.
I thought it was move the whole time. will dryfire this @ home.

GRIP was better today.

another movement drill - the ten shot one moving like five yards.
that went ok . practiced turning only lower body while keeping upper facing downrange. felt weird.
I tend to want to crisscross my legs moving laterally.can experiment w/ this in dryfire
I worked some wide transitions in bay 2 with five plates and two targets- paper stell - paper - steel etc
worked in that are at least twice when other bays were slow. - saw some improvement

some of us did the classifer tight squeeze I had setup in bay five.
I only got to do it twice and there plenty of room for improvement there.(see attached)
12.9 seconds and it needs to be closer to 9
el fredo got two flat tires and didn't get to practice today.

We decided to do online registration through practicescore this year with 75 shooter limit.

waiving duh gats

not much dryfire this week.I have been filling and emptying primer tubes all week though
Finally got back into a little dryfire tonight,
half hour ish. transitions trigger and reloads.a little on ports
put on that magnet thing gary gave me.
the first few reloads from it went flying.
I guess I must normally put some rearward pressure against the mag carrier wall.


It didn't fell like a chore to dryfire tonight.
I did the usual fundamentals and put it down. picked it up and did the wall drill again.
put up the port wall and practiced with that awhile.mostly drawing with hands on wall and
getting sight pictures as well as reloading and engaging different arrays through different ports
30 reps of reloads and stoped at 45 minutes.

Need to crank out 400 rds tonight and a few hundred more tomorrow.
practice w fred and randy on sunday


Dryfired exactly 30 minutes starting and ending with the wall.
Lots of transitions and some static reloads. a little movement.
Shooting April 3rd match in Omaha. Josh and I going up on the 2nd for 600 yd rifle fun.
Livefire tommrow at 11.I am practicing 99-10