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2016 Season Opener

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I went to Omaha with Josh K this w/e.

We left Saturday morning and had Josh's excellent sandwiches as lunch
The first destination was Guns Unlimited.
We hauled a "good bit" of gunpowder home.
Prices we back near reasonable and I bought Varget and Titegroup.
I would have liked to have purchased more and might
when I go back for the Superclassifier match
Josh picked up some Clays International

We did the mandatory wander around Cablelas where I reluctantly did not purchase an offset front sight for my 6920
I did turn a hundred dollar bill into a twenty for a MS1 padded sling and an butler creek objective cap for my ACOG

Went out to the range where Josh nearly talked them into letting us use the rifle range but it was not to be.
Oh well, back to town for ice and gas and checked into the usual hotel.
Went out to eat at Harland BBQ. It was tasty. The Grand Island one is better.
Josh thought the neighborhood was a little sketchy.
I assured him I had 3 spare mags ;)

Your NOOK is starting up. Not!

upgrading nooks.I have three stuck in startup. will try taking the batteries out and plugging in and then powering up with no battery
tommorow. -ish.

Got bit by this, found tip in B&N Forum in case you "nooktalk" folks would benefit!


If you think your screen on nook may be frozen, you may want to try these steps to reboot your nook:

First, try holding the power down for 10-15 seconds, and then pressing the power button again. If that doesn't reboot your Nook, try:

1. Unplugging the nook.
2. Remove the battery (if you don't know how, there are further instructions in the manual).
3. Plug the nook in, without the battery.

The Nook should begin to go through its booting process. Once booted, replace the battery (don't turn the nook off or unplug).

Right Turn Clyde

A couple people asked me what I did right in the April 3 Omaha match and what I can improve on.

Lots of stuff to improve on especially grip.
I have been noticing in dryfire that my weakhand slips around a bit.
I don't consider it a "bad" thing because it probably means I am finally not cheating myself on it.
I didn't notice it happen in match video. So I will continue to work on proper grip in dry fire and verify in live fire practice.
I might order some LiquidGrip
Transitions.I have a long way to go with this. It seems like it's better with my everyday glasses.

What did I do right ?

Blustery Saturday

Dirt work and wall building going on Saturday morning. It was cold and windy so ...
I elected for office work. Plugged the Inverter and router in and fired up all the nooks.
First I upgraded the last two nooks ran a system test with all the nooks and ipad.
With the Ipad I built test match and bogus shooters and stages and made sure all the nooks could pull it.
some seemeto prefer putting the sync code of the ipad others were fine with the refresh. The "new" ones
would not sync throwing an error about time being off. googled it and just needed to let them on the internet to hit an NTP server.
After that they were fine. You can't manually set a time in the rooted nooks.

entered some bogus runs in a few nooks and then synced them all back to the ipad and viewed match results
Everything looks OK and gave the kit to Fred.

Nobody wanted to shoot (except me) so we went to tailgators for lunch and then I headed home for Plan B. zzzz

The Brass Fairy saves the day

Practiced some weakhand and strong hand only stuff today.
Gary Jason Roger and myself ran a resemblance of the Triple Choice classifier.
25 ft. three strings. FS, SHO,WHO
The gun handling speed is there but it was interesting to see the effect
the hardcover had. My best of three was only 38.8 percent.
Enough effect that I did dryfire tonight mostly SHO and WHO transitions to small dots.
We all shot it a few times and then spread the targets way out for transitions.

Gary had heartburn and errands so he bailed. Practice seesion was about 3 hours

We also did a stage Jason setup with two steel and 8 paper. Ran this a bunch of times different ways
including SHO and WHO. I ventered back to the hardcover tagret bay and ran some microdrills from that stage
I remembered to bring the plastic brass sorter which was helpful.

When hauled my gear back to the truck I noticed the brass fairy had paid me a visit.
A nice FAT bag of 40S&W
so I sent him a thank you email.

Monday through Thursday

Gus with the SAR1

I did a half an hour of dry fire on Monday. Tuesday I just did the wall drill a little and then cleaned guns.
Wednesday I got them dirty again with Randy and Fred. Mostly movement drills.I shot around 350 rds
It was a good focused practice.

Thursday I was a little sore and stiff in the legs.
Gus and I shot a couple hours. Mostly static drills. My el prez needs more dryfire. Way more.
Started with dot drill at 3 yards. pushing for speed a bit I didn't pass it.The groups were respectable and times averaged around 4.2
Did some baseline measurements
7 yds 2 shot => 1.38-1.35-1.54-1.48
10 yds 2 shots = > 1.31 - 1.45
15 yds 2 shots = > avg 1.65
7 yds draw one shot reload one shot = >2.4-2.6-2.3
10 yds draw one shot reload one shot = >2.3 - 2.6
15 yds draw one reload one => 3.6-3.3-3.43-3.13-2.96

somewhere in the above I had a 1.03 draw -

It's Not Brain Surgery - Its Practiscore

Setup stages this morning.Met Gary for pancakes at Marlins first
chronographed loads through both guns. The STI barrel averaged 5-10 fps slower than the KKM bbl.
They both make major so that's good. Will recheck before a sectional and area.
Shot at the steel plate rack and the texas star.
Then Gary and I split a large pizzxa at boiling point and time for a nap

Our club is trying electronic scoring for this match.
We had 38 people sign up.Probably 36 as there were a couple dupes.
Imported to Ipad from It looked pretty good.except it did not pull down the classifications
Squad list looked ok. only a couple unsquadded shooters but that should be no big deal.

Scoring Debacle

First E-Registration match.
We also changed the procedure so that the nooks are left at the stages rather than traveling with the sqauads

The night before the match I imported the match from to the ipad.
That didn't go as smoothly as I hoped and I messed around with that until 2 am
It didn't import anyone's classifcation. I looked a few up and changed them in the ipad
I edited the match name to prepend sfps in ipad
Added the stages and classifer.

I printed the squad list from but didn't see a way to print the shooter list.
I exported the shooter list from to a csv file and then printed that out of excel

After the match it seems that I need to make adjustments for Divisions because it looks like
the pre-registered shooters come out differrently the the matchday shooters.
Gotta figure this out.

Match review for April 17 2016

I didn't shoot as well as I know I can this match but I'll withhold the excuses.
I know some things I did wrong and have identified some things to work on.
I also was able to still mostly visualize all of the stages hours afterward without video which is something I've never done.
The weather was good and we had over 50 shooters.

I started carefully on stage 1 and my transitions to wide open targets was slow but not a bad start.

The next stage was the classifier and I choked, Oh well small stage. Move on to Stage 3.
This one was going pretty good until I got stupid at the end and tried to take a target between the activator and the drop turn.
It was an unnecessary deviation from the plan and I paid dearly for it. Two NS and Two Mikes. Well crap.
The last three stages I had a less than acceptable plan and needed to get it in mind better.
Didn't really get a chance to walk through them before the match. At least they were simple and I did get to see them at setup.
I also let a few extra fly at the end of the last stage which cost me a couple seconds. Gotta stop doing that.

The Tuesday After

An hour of varied stuff but mostly transitions.
Need to keep knees bent. npoa is better w knees bent slight fwd lean.
I set the phone to 50 reps on a few different par times.
Noticed pulling in and pushing out on wide close transitions
gave me a better sight picture.
Gotta work more on solid post ups.