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May 1st Match review


I had a better match today than the last one.
I barely nosed out Brad getting 11th of 49 overall and 7th of 25 in Limited
Some of the footing was a little spooky with the mud but I bought 6 bags of mulch last night and that helped high traffic spots.
Two mikes weakhand hanging on a rope and threw in an extra reload I didn't need were my major mistakes.
Did a lot of ROing today - Showed Fred some stuff on electronic scoring as I will be gone next match for Wu's graduation.
Dropped the timer once and had to give a reshoot. Issued numerous finger and a couple muzzle warnings.
I was pushing the speed of my firing a little harder today and had more makeups and charlies than I like but not too bad.
Scores Posted Here

Five rainy Days

Had a chance to shoot today with my friend Josh after being cooped up in a .gov hotel room for 3 days
Weather was awesome. Met Josh there and we shot the following stages.
tight squeeze
times two
front sight
el prez (ish) wide
The scores are here
can't classifierclazc tight squeeze because it's four shots per or a reload ? and we just did two per.
We ran each stage 4 times each and paper scored them.
Need to work on my brakes for sure and my accuracy sucked donkey balls today
I don't think I am gripping hard enough because my injured finger is still tender.
More likely I lacked visual patience today. Racing Josh will tend to do that. ;)
Analysis of the scores show I can make B class. see comments

speed mode practice

live fire today sucked. practiced two classifiers. at least I did get into the box better than thursday
I need to practice steel again tommorow and compare results.
I just need to wait for the sights the fiber flash just ain't gonna cut it except very close range.
I am going back to fundamentals again before that winter work on trigger work gets away
and some more field course work
Scores are herer
practicing with gary tommrow. pancakes at 9. gonaa dryfire on white dots first

Accuracy and weakhand

Met gary for pancakes practice.
Worked some on accuracy drills and it wasn't as bad as I feared.
A couple new shooters showed up in the pistol bays so
I wasnt as productive as I planned to be but that's ok. Always good to help new shooters
Shot a hundred rds sho and who.Back to the daily dry fire and looking forward to a fun season
Started reading steve anderson's third book. haven't read the first two.
Hoping Josh loans me his ron avery dvd soon.

C+lassifer Practice

I need more dryfire as demonstrated in the following video.
I was running on 4 hrs sleep today - It really showed in the lethargic draws in the steel video.
I know I need to dryfire when I get home from the range but have not found that degree of motivation yet.
Finished the practice today with some drills 2 to head reload two to body and vice versa.

Not much blogging lately. It's been hectic around home and about all I can do to keep up with the reloading
I am sick of practicing classifiers. I learned a few things and there should be no surprises on sunday.
I will be glad to move on to something else.

Considered shooting 1911 the second match but will just shoot lim10 to get rid of that D.
If I have a good day Sunday I'll make B and if not I will have a lot of fun anyway.

Superclassifier Snuggle Snacks

Its 8 o clock and I just got the scores up on the website for the superclassifier today.
I still have a lot of video to do tonight and I have not yet analyzed my scores.
I want to just write about what a fun day it was before I do any of that.
Regardless of my performance I love this sport and enjoy the people immensely.
Maybe becuase the dumbass ratio is just much lower than average ;)
I love learning and training to improve on this game's many aspects.

The only thing that really sucked is that a friend of mine DQ'd for brain fart.

The day started off with some drama.
A timer died after make ready and the interruption caused the shooter to lock his holster.
When I started him he didn't unlock the holster and it ruined the stage for him.
I wanted to give him a reshoot but I have never read a rule that refers to that situation.
He got very upset and wanted to quit. The squad gave him some tough love and
he finally stayed and kicked ass most of the next nine stages.

Mouse Control

Fred found this guy when he opened the trailer for practice today.(thurs)
Our range equipment guard was stuck in a table.

## Tuesday ##
minimal dryfire. 400 rds reloaded.

## Wednesday ##
I practiced a cool movement stage yesterday with fred and randy for a couple hours.
It was some hoser targets with barrel blockage round the corner to your right shoot the plate rack while moving
final partial target behind double barrel. Then we took two of the four hoser targets and moved them far away.
It felt like some solid work and the weather was perfect. I wore my regular glasses with the trifocals,

My new prescription glasses arrived in the mail today along with steve andersons second book
I wore the new glasses today and I like them.
I had tried some from with single vision drx focused to the front sight distance.
I liked that enough to get some safety ones from
It feels like the sight picture comes faster or more like that the trifocals slow things down.

Maintainence Window

System error. Dry fire not found.
I had to work all weekend but managed to slip out and shoot about an hour on Saturday.
Things just weren't going well on my work project and I needed to blow off some steam.
I accomplished that with speed mode and hosery on a stage jason had setup.
Randy and Pete were doing movement drills so I did a few of those.
Back on the VPN all wkend. Monday scheduled day off. Tuesday I was just lazy and worn out.

Today I got in two hours of practice with just Fred and I. We worked pretty hard on transitions.
I suck at them and Fred made some observations and we did some drill variations that helped.
Fred noted the pause before I break the shot and my slow splits.
We also did some Bill Drills.
My fiber flew out of my primary gun on about the second string of the day so I primarily shot my Edge.


Josh's 550b broke and he sent it back to Dillon this week.
So he couldn't shoot because he has limited ammo.
So I loaned him Gus' press minus the small primer bar.
Of course the only one at Scheels was on the Demo machine.
It's a good thing we had an allen wrench along ;) Just kidding.

Dry fired 30 minutes tonight
burkett drills / micro drills for reloads and draw and wall drill and lots of transitions
practicied setting up in and getting out of a port.
Then just shot a small course with a reload in match mode a few times
More trigger work and then and done with dryfire.

Cleaned off the surface of my bench after Josh left today.
Now by cleaned off I mean I dumped all loose ammo brass and bullets into the grab bag bucket.
Someday I'll sort those buckets .... right.
I noticed the primers were seating a little higher than they should and I tightened the shell plate a little bit and seemed to cure it.

Tommorow I am meeting Gary for breakfast and then going out to the 3 gun match in the morning to help Fred get the nooks going.