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The last three weeks I have barely dryfired at all and livefire has been minimal as well.
My middle son graduated from high school and the wife had a enormous list of stuff for me to do.
By the size of the list you'd think all I've done is reload shoot for four years. OK OK it's true.
Considering how patient she has been with the time and money I spend on this game
(no she doesn't read this blog) I put aside my study and practice of practical shooting.
I'll spare you the gory list of chores but it did take pretty much all my free time.
Now that the open house and graduation are over with it's time to "Get to Work"
as Steve Anderson says.

I loaned my extra 550b press to Josh and of course the next day my main one broke
I had been fighting high primers and dies getting a little out of adjustment. I had tightened
the shell plate and adjusted dies and got through a couple hundred rds and stuff started getting wonky again.
I ordered a new primer assembly and it didn't seem to fit right so I finally looked under the press and discovered the broken crank problem

Match Review June 05, 2016

This match went bad as I kinda expected it would due to my recent "level of participation".
I shouldn't have shot it at all because I was still in the middle of the graduation stuff and had to shoot through
I had to shoot through and was supposed to be back home in 90 minutes. When I got to the range I had no ear pro.
Back home to get it and I should have stayed home because the wife was kinda pissed anyway.

The hurry up and get done was in my head and I did not get into match mode.
I hosed the first stage (5) way too fast without calling my shots and the three mikes zeroed it.

I calmed down a little on the next stage but still had a miss. I didn't even walk through a couple stages.
This reinforced how critical it is for me to properly program my stages over and over and over before shooting them.
I missed a gun pickup and probably could have been DQ'd.
Whatever, I learned my lesson. Have the time and mindset to shoot a match or don't bother.

a slight sting

Live fire Practice on Wednesday and Thursday. No dryfire afterward :(
Wednesday I shot with Randy and did that back and forth movement drill several times
We spent some time shooting at 25 yards and Randy noticed my rear sight was loose
He tightened it and we re-zeroed. Call your shot steve anderson drill. 25 yard bill drills.
Fred and Cliff were working on glock targets

Did some Steve Anderson book two Drills
speed shoot 1 and 2 and his accelerator etc
I lent the book out so I don't have the times we recorded
Then we did his plate rack drill 25-25-15-10. forward and backward
Then worked on moving backward with different techniques.
It was a humbling experience but good training.

Keep your receipt

I couldn't get the stupid (sold seperately) powder check die to stay adjusted so I returned it to Scheels.
I can see in the cases and I need the extra station for a mr bullet feeder someday.

I got the new 650 churning pretty well and filled a 50 cal ammo can spot checking along the way..
I am not sure how many rounds that is but it should carry me through the class and match this coming weekend.
I was a bit stressed about it. I went to a friends this afternoon and shot a few over his chronograph.
They avg 935 from the Edge and 942 from Vibria.
That's major power factor with 4.2 grains titegroup behind 180 gr Bayou bullet and CCI 400 small rifle primer.

Worked on updated plan and goals today.
It's kinda hard to get rolling again but getting those rounds I need cranked out should help.

Here is a video that popped up on youtube that I found interesting. He's talking about a lot of the stuff I've been reading.
Pretty excited for his class next week!

dry as a bone

tonight I had a two hour delay getting home from work and didn't wannt to dryfire.
I did it anyway. Tightened up a couple mag pouches first (where is my damn loctite?

3 minutes white wall drill before and 5 minutes after session
I did metronome drill for first time at 150 and then at 180. I'll do this one again.
I did some HAS and SUR draws at 1.1 sec and reloads at 1.2
Added moving quickly back and to my right which produced some mags flying everywhere at that par time

small transition drills. I believe I definately see faster from right to left.
I am still slow and sloppy transitioning from a high target to one below it but probably NBD since I would shoot the low one first.
Did some short run and setup drills on partials focusing on getting low and an acceptable sight picture.
I have to want to shoot an A worse than I want to pull the trigger.

Read a half an hour SA Book3.

Live Fire and Class Prep

A strange practice session.
Did a three box movement drill with Fred and Randy.
It was a good drill and took me about 8 seconds.
We added a vision barrier and a stop barrel at the end which changed things up a little bit
What we did NOT do was break the drill down into pieces, find the lost time and then run the drill again.
That seems to help me sometimes. I was kinda teasing Fred a little about getting out of his comfort zone.
I will try to find that section in the book(s) and send it to him.
Did some Bill drills and reload practice. Practiced some wide transitions and wide transitions to heads.

Discussed my mag drop issue with the Edge.
I am gripping too hard during the reload which prevents the mags from dropping.
It doesn't happen with my primary gun but shows up with the Edge and the Brazos mags.
Randy said maybe he could tweak the mags.
Maybe I will get a steel grip for that gun when I get it refinished.

Range is closed today (Thurs) because we have the Vogel class tommorow.
If I get my guns cleaned this afternoon I might go out to the benchrest club and shoot dots.

Arm Wrestling tips from Robert Vogel

I just took a USPSA shooting class from Robert Vogel.
It greatly exceeded my expectations. Worth every penny.
He is a great instructor and ran the class very efficiently.

If I apply and practice the things he taught and stay motivated I will achieve my goals

We actually did get a few secret arm wrestling tips for Dads.
Just in time for Fathers day :)

## Day 1 ##
started with a standard firing line with draws and retreeting a couple paces and repeat.
I thnk he was just watching for a basic idea of students competancy.
Probably calculating his odds of getting shot. I wonder if he guessed right.
lots to write about but it will have to wait because
I hurt my back putting away a large pepper popper into the trailer prior to the last exercise on day two.
Its been an awesome three days but a little hard on an old bald man with a bionic knee.

## Day 2 ##
lots more stuff later
## Summary ##

## Notes ##
great idea. add the 4 boxes with the double eight barrel drill.
someone else can RO Roger on that one ;)

June 19th match

Not my best match. Woke up in pain from wrenching my back the day before.
500mg of naproxen and two tylenol got me through the match but I shot and moved slow and
had mental errors. Stage one I had a FTE and M for a small plate on the right side
Stage 2 I had a barrel hit I didn't make up so another mike there and threw another one on a far target.
Muffed the classifier with a M on the 2nd to last shot.grrr. So I placed 8 of 18 in LTD and 17 of 40 overall.

off balance

so when things get as hectic as they have something usually suffers.
my shooting performance has regressed a bit recently.
Sometimes life just throws you a few curves. For example,
dead refridgerators
graduation open houses and the enormous honey do list that entails.
My reloading press broke the day after I loaned Gus' to Josh.
That is fixed now but in the meantime I was SOL for Vogel class ammo.
So I bought a XL650 w casefeeder. HUGE improvement over the 550.
So it goes to show sometimes what we perceive as bad in the present turns out to be good in the future.
Sorely needed new tires on my car almost 700 bucks.
Cam's car trouble in Mankato,
my canoe falling on Kays car (900 bucks I haven't paid yet)

Anyway, in a bit of a cash crunch with two major matches coming up I sold a FDE M&P45 to a guy locally.
That helped but I am still going to need to sell another gun but it is a hard thing for me to part with them.

Fire Drills

Met Gary for pancakes at Marlins.
He pulled a steve and was late.
He said he wasnt going to shoot the GPS this year :(
A little dissapppointing but I knew he wouldnt if steve
Wasnt back. I doubt I will be shooting a state match when I am his age.

The Bennetts were there and we ran steve anderson
drills for a couple hours.


#13 Front Sight Forward
Gary = 4.52;8.13;16.07
Shev == 5.67; 5.38;6.20
Jason - 2.27;2.75;3.13;3.47
Tim = 3.83;3.49;3.66 (sloppy)

#14 Front Sight Turn
Jason - 3.29;3.34;2.46
Tim - 3.52;2.58;3.54 (best time had a mike)

#15 2 reload 2
Gary- 7.20;6.60;5.31
Shevv - 6.58;7.56;7.05
Jason = 4.39;4.45;3.34
Tim - 3.66;3.68 and 13.33 trying to hit a cigarette sticking out of a hole

#16 Bill Reload Drill
Gary - 17.82;8.22;10.32
Shev - 11.78;12.49;11.79
Jason - 5.35;5.44;7.32(jam)
Tim - 5.65;8.12;5.77