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SFPS club match 07-03-2016

I had serious fun today There were some disappointments but it was a great day
7 of 28 LTD so I achieved my goal of top 25% in division. I placed 17 of 52 overall

Our squad worked pretty hard and I appreciate jon and skippy doing the ROing.
Stupid perforations have been thinner these past couple years ;)
After a slow start Everyone pitched in and worked hard all day.
Randy sent a message oto Fred and I that said bsically good job with a well run match with great stages.

Started on the classifier where I hosed up the weakhand part off the reload and threw 2 mikes
score was a mid C range. Then hot load to a speed shoot where I set a personal record for procedurals.
Smoten by the red box. I didn't stand on it .If you stand on it garys you fall on your ass.
Pretty sure I read that in the stage description but the subconcious said no way I guess
Instant zeroe. Oh well I missed the swinger anyway so off to a shaky start.

hundomatic 4000

practiced Monday since the range was open to RO's for the holiday.
Stage 4 was left up and I re-shot it a few times with jason roger and shevvonna
We broke it down a bit and it calculated hit factors and discovered it would have
been better to ignore the disappearing target. Order of engagement mattered on the inital array on the left when moving.

Worked a little in speed mode and then broke off and verified zero on my guns at 25.
That was about it. Grabbed a turkey bacon and ranch sub at Firehouse on the way home.
I decided I like their Italian better but either way it led to a good nap.

3 minutes at the wall before and 3 minutes after
Did drills fifteen through 20 in SA Bk 1 and some ad lib reload drills.
Gus came down and was curious about the 5 gallon bucket with two shirts in it.
So I explained how it was a tool for reload practice

Wednesday night is best weeknight

4 hours at the range tonight. took off work an hour early again.
There were six people and we had a drill in 3 bays.
Randy had a movement / wide transition / plate rack drill that was quite challenging
Also some 25 yard bill drills and adjusted zero in that bay
Call it and leave it in bay 4. I spent a fair amount of time on this one.
Bay 5 had a resemblance of mini mart. I only shot it once. Did good on it.

I was surprised I shot a lot of ammo that I rejected from the case gauge and only had one malfunction.
Josh and I shot rifles awhile afterwards.
Tomorrow night I'll clean guns and go out to the benchrest club Friday and fire them.
Saturday morning it's off to the sectional match

2016 Great Plains Sectional

This match is always hot but it was jungle hot this year.
There was a light breeze but not much of that gets down to the floor.
I even dumped my cap this year halfway through the match and went raghead.

I learned stuff from Skippy as usual. Stage planning and programming tips which I desperately need.
Also that Zeiss glasses wipes they sell at walmart are awesome.Goodbye smeary washcloth.
Stayed in Lavista again and we all slept pretty good even our stowaway Brandon who slept in a bag on the floor.
We woke up at 530 am to the always glorious Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway ringtone.
No free breakfast at that hotel so I used the pantydripper in the room and we hit mcD's on the way to the match.
I shot a much improved match from last year and placed 56th of 129 overall and 20th of 54 in my division.
I had no mikes and tagged 1 no shoot. Num: A 155 B 0 C 53 D 13
I shot 62.7 percent of Craig Tappe who shot 99 percent of Ben Stoeger..

out of sight out of mind

Dryfired 20 minutes tuesday mostly reloads and a couple SA bk1 drills.
Wednesday was live fire and shot with Josh.We worked on some accuracy stuff. also some el prez and misc.
Broke out the rifle afterward again which is always a bonus. I love the month of July.

Thursday I practiced with Jason. First we did some wide transitions on the move and then ports and short movement techniques.
so it was kinda of a mini stage and we ran it a couple times then we ran it with head shots only.
I threw a few mikes on the first run of HSO but the second and third were better. It was interesting that the HSO runs really didn't add as much time as I thought it would.
So then we ran it twice back to regular two shots each and we were both nearly 30 percent faster with better hits than the first sequence.
Then we spent awhile working on port entries from various short approach distances.
I noticed how ingrained it is pushing off on my left foot. I guess several years of pre-bionic knee pain will do that ;)
filmed some of thursdays practice.

July 3rd 2016 SFPS Match

Met up with Gary at McD's at 0730.
We met with Jon at 0815 so he could chrono some loads.
First stage was up and back close and hosey in bay 5.
That went ok as I got 6 / 37 overall and 2nd LTD.
However I think this is when my rear sight broke.
The next stage I plugged a no shoot and threw another mike.
The star gave me hell and I couldn't hit the steel.
It was kinda weird cuz the misses didn't look or feel "wrong"
That should have been a clue.

Next stage - Bay Two- I threw a M a NPM and as many charlies as alphas
To finish the stage took five shots at a popper. OK something is wrong and it ain't me
I went to the safe table and the rear sight was loose / broken.
Well that explained a lot. Too bad it took two blown stages to figure it out.

Fat Tuesday

About 45 minutes dryfire tonight. Didn't use the book. Just worked on some different stuff I need work on.

Dryfiring with the Edge felt a little weird at first, The lighter mag release spring weight does help on the reloads.
A crutch I think as I should be training to really mash that button.
However since I recently removed the cyclone extension and haven't sufficient time to train that away I will accept this solution for this year
I tried to squeeze with a bad grip and it doesn't drop so I will roll with it. I ordered a new sight for this gun along with the rear sight I broke on the other.
And a spare firing pin. I seem to be collecting these like the catcher in the rye.

Today I ordered a new recoil and mainspring. from
I guess my buddy Steve bought a used STI Executive with 3 mags. I didn't ask how much. That should be interesting.
He also hurt himself so he won't be back for the August 7th match which is disappointing but not really unexpected.

not even a click

it seems I've been carrying an expensive club.
On my way back from the Metal Magician's I stopped at the benchrest club to check zero on new rear sight.
It was dead on at various ranges from 3 - 15 yds.
Since it was hotter out then yesterday , I decided to run a mag through my 45. and call it good until saturday
I didn't even get a click. *sigh* So it's back to the Trojan for a bit.
Plunger tube came unstaked I guess.
I tried to get it flush with a spent 22 casing but it won't quite clear the notch in the slide.

M i ss iss i pp i Hot

practiced yesterday with josh and jason and roger.
We took turns doing our own thing. It was pretty humid.
I worked on launching and brakes, transistions. My draw was 1.1 pretty regularly.
Sorted the brass today which reminds me I need to take their nines out of the tumbler.

#place holder for vid ##