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The devil in the details

dryfire practicing some stuff this week that I flubbed at the area match.

stuff like:
it's easier to stuff a mag in your pouch when you aren't trying to run at the same time. duh.
unloaded starts
reloading sitting down (helicopter)
aquiring sights faster on hard leans and from behind walls.
transitions transitions transitions
table pickups
loads from barrels
weird start positions.
weird shooting positions.
opening doors
I am finding it very difficult to keep up the dryfire regiment.
I know I am not the only one feeling that way as two other people mentioned it.
Last match I didn't feel any .....
I am going to quit slacking and feeling guilty about it.
This week I will work on goofy stuff above and put away both the timer and the books.
Then I am going to call it a season. I will still shoot the last couple club matches but
only dryfire if I feel like it and wind down the live fire practice before taking a complete break for a few months.


Pulling a Hoppy. Again

Shotgun Rules - Section 4.3

Skippy likes to tease me because I always fall asleep on the way home from matches.
However, according to the official rules posted above I have remained in compliance this season because:

"If sleep is needed, the Shotgun rider must move to the back and let someone else take over Shotgun."
Thanks Brandon and Roger and Josh !

I really do like the road trips. (perhaps too much according to my heavily penalized scores)
My favorite travel partner is a cop. I only mention that becuase after the first half of the first trip he took over ALL the driving.
Apparently I committed an appalling amount of traffic violations in an expeditious manner.

The arrangement works and we always have a lot of fun.
I don't really like to drive.I just like to have my own car so I can haul all the useless crap I want and smoke like a chimney.
He doesn't mind driving and feels it greatly increases his life expectancy.

No more major matches for me this year. Unless I get a wild hair and decide to go to Des Moines in September.

table load thursday

Thursday night about forty minutes of dryfire not including the time it took to find and install a yellow fiber.
The lighting sucks in my basement and yellow is much better indoors.
Did SA drills 1-8 and then practiced table loads.
Need to order bullets bad (yes I am completely out) but with s recent road trip I am also out of gun money so it will have to wait until next week.
That's another benefit of the Dillon 650 in that I don't need as much lead (advance) time for loading.
I did more live fire practice this year than any other. Much of it was productive and some of it not so much.
It is difficult with the "2 man" rule required by the conditional use permit.
There are only about 20 shooters signed up for the match this Sunday so far but I usually see ten or more signup on Saturday.
Not sure I'll be able to help setup this week as the to do list at home is pretty long.

an eensy little friday

35-40 minutes dryfire. late start.
whitewall drill FS and SHO.
DA drills 9, 10 and 11.
unloaded starts.
note: noticed a differencein index when offhand thumb applies a little pressure to the frame. maybe something I should be aware of

August 7 match musings

WANTED: beater range truck

Overall today I bombed the match but I am not very disappointed
There was a giant fiasco on stage 2 regarding a setup error and my friends were yelling at each other.
I also had to tell a friend to get off my back a little and he did.
The interpersonal? / personality issues were worked out in a sportsman like manner in the end.
We changed the stage in the nook and two squads had to re-shoot.
Anyway the whole thing rattled me.
So I made a cardinal mistake and changed my plan on my re-shoot. Plan Change Results = 0
I omitted an entire array and zeroed a 180+ point stage.
There goes the match.
Out of morbid curiosity I changed my score on my phone to have the target array I omitted be all deltas instead and then I beat all people I usually do.
I had brainfart the first run but it was ten times better than my second.
When I examine the rest of the stages I had an OK but not great day. My times are pretty much inline with normal although it felt very very slow today.
I shot the classifier like a normal stage and it was probably a low C to mid C score.


Been slacking all week.
Tonight / thursI started with the white wall then did Steve Anderson Book 1 exercise 13 front sight forward exercise 14 front sight turn exercise 15 to reload 2 exercise 16 Bill reload drill exercise 17 headshot sight picture then back to the wall freestyle weekend and strong and only
47 minutes

Silly Golfers

Made a video for a friend yesterday that makes kinetic bullet pulling suck slightly less.

I had to RO at BSRPC Saturday morning
but at 1 pm. Josh and Jason and DIrk and I did the skipping targets drill from Stoeger's skills and drills book.
It was very challenging for me and something I will do a lot this winter and other mental game development
All of us made mistakes on this drill and mine were pretty glaring. I need to improve my short tern memory which should help me
develop a planning and programming strategy that is more consistent.
We didn't shoot long a few times through the drill with different sequences.
Wrapped up with a couple runs of four Aces and I think I got a 2.96 ?
Did six reload six and that went well too. the draw and 6 were just slightly over 2 seconds.

shortest dryfire session ever

No it wasn't a negligent discharge.

One of those days where just didn't feel like it but guilt strapped the belt on for me.
Ten minutes later it came off. Things weren't a disaster and the guilt had dissipated.

Got an email from Bayou Bullets that flooding is pretty bad and they are short staffed.
They had to send me a different color but it only shipped a day later than usual.
Good decision on their part IMHO.

It was a tiny order because I am way over budget this year
and trying to eek through the last two matches on a couple thousand rounds

Jason gave me a couple hundred coated bullets that I lightly tested and am saving for Sunday's match.
Randy has also offered to help me out. As Usual.
Fred cured a brass shortage for me earlier this year

I have found more great people in the shooting sports than any other
demographic I have been exposed to.


Todays match was fun. Really nice drop in temp and a little breeze.
I shot about how I expected given my "level of particpation" the last few weeks.
I had a couple programing glitches.
Perhaps the most glaring was thinking about lunch right before the last stage.
I knew I had to grip hard with weak hand and I had a bad grip on at least one array.
When the weak hand felt good and the grip was tight I couldn't get my finger set right on the trigger
Although random cheeseburger thoughts are the culprit I am going to change to a short flat trigger.
I felt brads today and I don't have to go infinity to get what I want.
I didn't shoot a horrible amount of D's today and I was perhaps a little faster than last match.
I had a FTE that was a result of insufficient programming. Blasted a no shoot or two. Enjoyed every second of it.