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Busy Slacking Away

I haven't written in the blog for what seems like a long time for a few reasons.
Laziness is a given but it goes beyond that. I was ready for the season to be over.
O V E R. And then it was. I didn't even touch a gun for weeks. No dryfire. No livefire.
It felt great. But.....
There was a nagging sense of something incomplete. The blog.
Part of the reason for blogging my training is to analyze it.
It was an intense season and I haven't been willing to go back and take a deeper look.
All the quickly recorded drills need to be looked at and match results.
What did I improve on and what did I discover needs improvement.What practice methods were most productive.
I have a pretty good idea of the answers to these questions. It's too much for one blog entry so I will split iit into parts.
The charity Zombie match coming soon and I'm really looking forward to that.
Minus Two Seconds per stage for wearing a costume.

Save a Warrior Charity Match

I volunteered (yeah, I know) to help Bryan K. last weekend with a charity match in Vermillion benefiting "Save a Warrior".
Friday morning I met Bryan and Fred at the range and we loaded up three plate racks on Bryan's trailer. He tied them down and away we went.

For about 600 yards. The first corner he took the sharp steel of the plate racks cut his tie down straps and one plate rack came tumbling off.
Oops. By using Fred's steel cables and some chains I had we were able to get the racks to Vermillion and back without further incident.

The match itself was interesting. It started with a USMC color guard and a girl singing the national anthem.
Barry ran the trapshoot part and Fred, Robert O, Bryan and I ran the plate rack and rifle shoot portion.
Lots of different shooters.Everything from a veterans biker club to 4H kids.