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Drudge Me Not

I dryfire practiced Friday for two hours and Saturday for a little over an hour.
It didn't feel like drudgery at all so I guess I took sufficient amount of time off.

Worked the exercises from Steve Anderson's first book. Definitely faster than the last entries written in there
I still need to go back through last years blog entries and decide if logging practice in a blog provides any real insight.
Yeah, it holds me accountable but I may begin using a different method of tracking progress on drills and times.

I will start going back to Garretson for an hour a week of live fire. I think they begin that this week.
I believe doing that weekly paid off last year and prevented me from building bad habits in dryfire (like a sloppy grip and press)
There are only certain things I can work on in that environment but at least I can do it myself. I hate that 2 man rule at Big Sioux

ten mags full

My finger has been itchin as I have been dryfiring every other day for the last few days
Plus I just find it relieves stress and I sorely needed that.

I was hoping to go to Garretson with Diggler but I called Steve
at that range and he said open next Sunday and this Tuesday night.
He made a remark about how he wouldn't forget this week. I wonder if
Fred was met with a locked door last week :(
He also said they have my name on the naughty board for expired memberships.

Anyway went to Gary's and bought two #3 six dot targets and shot those in various ways
At medium distance I was pleasantly surprised.Long distance was not so pleasant but not horrible.
I pastied an 8 x 11 dot stoeger dot drill sheet and ran that from high ready no timer but at a pace that felt like the normal five seconds.
Estimated 12 feet and only had two out. Did some SHO and WHO to the last black dot target and was slow but accuracy was there
Shot both guns with mixed ammo. Vibria seems to be shooting a bit high esp with those plated bullets I had left over.

The Quick and the Dead

Went to Garretson range last night. Talked to Fred a little bit. Shot a couple hundred rounds.
Mostly the stoeger dot drill. Some draws no reloads.
I didn't go with a written plan or write times down like I did last year.
So I didn't have a clear idea what I was going to work on which felt weird and unproductive.

I was happy that my accuracy was decent but I didn't push speed much because
there was a weird discussion with Steve, the guy who runs the range before I went in.

Apparently, only Fred and I are allowed to work from the holster this year and try not to
let others see us? Not sure what that is all about. Not a problem for me since I shoot
between 7:00 and 8:30 and there isn't usually anyone there at that time.
It's mostly bullseye type shooters that use that range and I think the action shooters freak them out.
Especially Dirk ;)

If they do ban draws and reloads from the belt there is no point in my shooting there once a week.
As it stands now it is pretty limited as to what skills can be practiced.
I mainly just do it to keep me honest in dryfire with grip and trigger press

Pizza Ranch Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

I was in charge of supper tonight so started dryfire an hour early.
Started at the white wall 3 minutes. Did a warmup of 15 ft index then 10 yard index surrender and HAS and some moving in four directions
I had decided it was reload night so I did Burkett reload drills. Bboth microdrills first and then a full reload.
I am getting closer to a 1.0 on a full DF reload to sight picture @ 10 yds

My dog always goes into her kennel when I take my belt off the wall.
She avoided more than a few magazines missles from missed reloads tonight

40 minutes

stay frosty

Dry fired this morning for about a half hour. five minutes trigger and then index drills then 6R6
SHO and WHO xfer reps. Worked on new goals, affirmation stmt and plan.
That still needs more work but I'll have it fleshed out by Christmas.

My range bag is obese. I need a new one from Santa. Been using a freebie Hornaday one lately.
Eyeballing them online but won't pull the trigger until after Christmas.
I did order 2500 pieces of lead to my work address.
They grumble up front when I do that but I needed to give my poor tiny mail lady a break.

I arrived at the parking lot of the indoor range around 1:20 pm and met Randy and Fred.
The place was locked so I looked at the website for Steve's phone # and noticed the website said...
Closed due to weather December 18. WTFO. It's an indoor range !
Maybe somebody just didn't want to leave their warm lazyboy. It was only negative 25 outside.

Disappointed. So I gave Randy that front sight and went with Plan B which was ....
you guessed it. Culver's drive through and a 150 minute nap.

Rust and Politicians

Life in the way this week. Life and and Texas Hold'em ;)
My five week winning streak came to an end this week.

Dryfired tonight about 45 minutes.
Wall. SABK1 drills 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 and then the wall again FS SHO and WHO
My times are coming down a little at a time. Had some difficulty with the WHO stuff.
Although I am still gettting my WH thumb riding safety I noticed I was flicking off
the safety before the transfer again. I'll give that some extra work.

I've been kicking stuff around in my head this week regarding goals, plan and
"level of participation". I am sick of being in C class so I have been practicing
primarily stuff that will benefit me in classifiers. I'll definitely shoot the GPS and club matches
but I don't know if I am going to shoot the Area 3 match this year. I may shoot some
club matches in Omaha.

Merry Christmas

A little dryfire tonight. Started at the wall and then 15 foot index then SUR 6R6

Then I got kinda hung up doing el Prez. I always used to pivot on my left foot turning right.
I did that because I had a torn up right knee and it hurt like hell to turn fast on that leg.

It's been three years now since I had a total knee replacement and there is no pain.
Well it gets sore sometimes after a long physical day but no pain spikes from stopping fast or
turning wrong etc.

Pivoting on the right foot turning into the gun is way faster and less clumsy/off balance.
I checked with Skippy and that is how he does it so I plan to work on el prez pretty heavy this winter.

Texted Bryan about getting those molded earplug people back this year.
Fred had suggested maybe the Glock shoot would bring them more traffic and make them more likely to come back.

Fred also said he would work on the schedule this weekend.
I didn't get any gun stuff for Christmas this year.

I did get a kickass Land's End bathrobe with a built in holster.
OK I am kidding about the holster part.


I went to Garretson tonight and shot for an hour.
Saw Randy and Fred. Got my gun back with new front sight.

did dot drill a few times
Bills = > 3.83 | 2.33 w 1.24 draw | 2.29 w 1.11 draw | 2.73 w 1.35 draw
Doubles 1.44 w 1.19 draw | 1.58 w 1.26 draw | 1.46 w 1.22 draw
SUR Dbl 1.50 w 1.20 draw
SHO singles 1.20 and 1.13
4 aces = 3.42 - (1.29,1.50 3.09 3.33 3.42)

The only way I could get that stupid song out of my head was to set it as my ringtone.
Thanks a lot Skippy :)