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Eve ning

Met Gary for pancakes ( I wonder how many times that phrase appears in this blog)

We then went to Costco where his breakfast could work its way down. lol.

Unloaded my stuff and then went to Brandon and ate lunch with Fred and Randy and Robert and Bryan.
So yeah, an omlette hash browns and toast and Marlins and then half of a super supreme supreme pizza 2 hours later ;)

We worked on the schedule and I am pleased how it turned out.
About midway through it changes from the first and the third Sunday to the second and fourth.
Point is there are a few months it doesn't clash with Omaha so I can shoot three club matches a month

Sounds like PCC is 90% a GO at SFPS adopting ENPS practice of unbagginng at start position.
So I better read up on those rules. I may shoot it some later in the year.
Speaking of which we are going out to early/mid October this year.

Sounds like one or none 3 gun matches.

Area 3 registration opens tommorow. I am not sure if I am going.

Did some dry fire tonight. Going to shoot outside tommorow with Josh.

Icy 17

Josh and I put the new sight on the Edge this morning.
Got that zeroed and then we did some marksmanship drills and some transition drills.
Some biil drills and I practiced some reload drills
We practiced in bay 2 which had a decent snow layer.
Lost brass day. Finished up goofing around a bit with riflles.
Nice day to be out and a good way to start the year.

my little friends

Windows 10 ate my second hard drive.
I dryfired some this weekend pretty much all match mode because...
my order from came in and I got my "little friends" as my wife calls them.
Whatever, I talked her out of her poster putty
Now I have lots of props in the different rooms in the basement.

Shot in Garretson for an hour Sunday afternoon.

Went to Gary's Gun Shop Monday after work to make sure they
could do the scoring, Sure enough, Dion wasn't there and Steve needed help.
AFter the 'match' I told Steve I probably wouldn't be back but that Dion knows how.
I also gave him my phone number.

I shot pretty well. There were only around a half dozen guys there.
On stage two Dennis didn't get my time. "How does 35 seconds sound?" he said.
Pfft. I think I got 'plus Nined' but I just said, "Whatever. I don't care". Which I don't.

One of the many reasons I don't care to shoot that league.

15 minutes per hour

My elbow is hurting again since I have let the dryfire time creep past an hour.
So I need to start the dumbell and rubberbands again.
I will take another look at the absolutephysicaltherapy site again for PT exercises.
Limit dryfire to 45 minutes per session and mainly work on stuff that doesn't need the draw
The drawstroke to index static and moving is good enough to wait for the racer holster I haven't ordered yet.

short and flat

My arm hurts first thing in the morning again. I will probably have to wear that stupid brace in my sleep again.
After taking a couple days off, I did a light dryfire session tonight Time flies. I kept it to a half hour(ish) and worked on some weakhand stuff mostly.

Some new parts on the way. Planning to upgrade the trigger on the Edge and run short flats on both guns.

enos thread

Looking forward to some live fire tomorrow afternoon @ GTSN.

GGS part blech

shot at garys league tonight cuz bored.
beat all but terry g on round 1 and 2
so the last round I decided to practice SHO and WHO.
So at the beep switched to weakhand and engaged the two close two far and 4 plates from start box
then reload and engage the last two positions SHO. That went better than expected but certainly not acceptable.
I had two mikes and was nine seconds slower but I hit all the plates WHO
Much more SHO and WHO practice ahead cuz the classifiers this year are thick with it.
Which remonds me I need to go post those to

drills 1 through 7

After about a weak off I picked up Vib and
dryfired for an hour tonight.

1 => 0.70
2 => 0.65
weirdness above
3 => 0.65
skipped 4
5 => 1.0
6 => 1.1
7 => 0.6

did extra work on drill - six weak hand index - sorely needed
I athletic taped my right thumb and left forefinger.

Went out this afternoon real quick and tested the Larue MBT trigger.
Functioned fine. Felt OK but I had gloves on.
At least no more doubles from that hashed out rock river trigger.
110 bucks well spent

Are you ready ?

Went to Garretson yesterday (Sun) at 2:30
Steve said the range was reserved for a class at 3 pm.
I shot what I had loaded in 7 mags the night before
I don't get people that don't load their mags at home before a match or even before practice.

"Daylight's burning." I bet my kids hate that saying ;)
Anyway short ad hoc live fire practice.
I didn't get out my notebook but just ran the usual drills w the timer just a start signal with no par
Mildly annoying as I didn't see it listed on their website.
I did run into Teryl who I read was teaching that women's class. I haven't seen her in a while and got a high five