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six hours in the pit

Skippy came down yesterday and practiced with Ryan and I.
It was a whole lot of fun. Jon and I worked with Ryan on the basics and he picked stuff up pretty quickly.
After Ryan left Jon and I did mostly plate rack drills and we both sucked. Learned a couple things from him as usual.
I shot Skippy's 9mm 1911 which was ridiculous. Now I want one.

All in all a good day of practice. 9am - 4pm may have been a bit much too soon.
I really didn't feel well when I got home. I managed to get my range bag inside and the guns put in the safe.

Couldn't eat dinner and went to bed at 7. Slept 12 hours which is double my normal sleep duration.
Jon mentioned I had improved over last year which felt good. Looking forward to a fun season.
Going to practice with Josh K. at noon. I imagine we will get wet as it's supposed to rain.

Fields of Brass

Practiced with Josh today for a ninety minutes

accelerator. High standards. platerack transition drill.
platerack drill with sticks like yesterday only backwards as well.
I did some platerack drills shoot 3 reload shoot 3 but josh didn't want to get his mags dirty
platerack on the move drill

After the dirtwork and the dragging mags really do pick up silt / fine dirt fast.
I had a couple get messed up and had to brush them out.
A good rain or two should settle that down.

Brought home a decent amount of brass.
Sure hope skippy is able to get me a bucket at the range he works at (hint hint)
Fred brought me some brass yesterday again. Thanks Fred.
Two more weeks until the first match of the year. I thought it may never come.


Thirty two minutes. five at the wall. draws while moving.
kinda made a new drill up running sideways back and forth in the available area
while doing reloads using all magpouches then start over. Get practice both ways and
about the right distance to get it done in a step and a half. a few unloaded starts and done.

Need to clean the guns and chrono current load. Began trying to get some spring yardwork done in the evenings
so if it's nice this weekend I can get to the range.

again and again

last night was another hour of the same ol same ol. video'd it.
planned to shoot today but dunno if Ryan will want to drop his mags in the mud.

I need to order more grahms engineering 11 coil mag springs maybe a mainspring hammer spring and spare aftec extractor
Clean guns, case guauge ammo and empty primer tubes are on the agenda for today.

48 online

I kinda chilled on the dryfire last week. I still trained at least every other day.
Live fire practice for a couple hours thursday night.

The stages for the first match are on the ground. You can tell it's early in the year
because pretty much all the props got used. Walls and steel abound.
No classifier
48 shooters signed up online so far. It closes at 8 and then I need to balance the squads
download the match and print the sheets for Bryan and Robert.

Gear Note: Got new mag springs. Noticed broken ejector last night when cleaning gun
Randy had an exact spare but it wouldn't quite fit. He plans to fix it tonight anb bring it to the match.
Meanwhile I guess I better clean the backup gun, do some match mode dryfire and case guage ammo

SFPS Club Match 04-23-2017

Great weather for the first local club match of the year.
I placed 3rd of 22 in Limited and 15 of 49 overall.

The match started out OK as the first stage turned out to be my best one of the day
I had that one programmed and visualized and actually visualized part it again at make ready.

The next stage I had a small glitch which wasn't two bad considering I changed my stage plan.
I was last in the order and it was not a complicated stage so I felt ok about doing that. Usually I won't
It was mini targets (newly legal in uspsa this year). Four basic arrays. Waited for the sights and it turned out fine.

On to bay one. Here I had a worse glitch where I setup twice where I only needed to once. Tossed a mike on the swinger
Hit factor turned out OK so it wasn't a flaming disaster.
Bay 5 went fine except I posted up at a position I know i could have kept moving.
I also struggled with some steel at the end of this stage. a bad grip that I didn't adjust.

One through Nine

Wednesday - dryfire about an hour. Drills 1-6 SA BK 1
I really needed to practice some other stuff like transitions but
just did those drills to get back to work.

Gear Note: Could not figure out how to upload the match file to
Finally found a thread on where cha-lee said they changed the app
so you have to generate the file for uspsa from website match management.

Practiscore v 1.684 Can't Find How to Generate Webfile