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In and Out burger

Last saturday morning I dryfired a little then hauled the trailer to the dump.
I picked up a garage fridge on the way back and it only tipped over once.
After I got the trailer back in place I mowed the back lawn.
It was time for a sandwich and a nap but I sucked it up and went to the range.
I shot like ass but videotaped the session and found some fruit to pick @

I asked skippy after the last match where I was losing time and pretty sure he just said, "In and Out".
Watching the video I see what he means. I need to shoot sooner
and I am wasting a lot of time dropping the gun to high ready and back.
watching the vid fred does it a bit randy not so much and Pete not at all.
Tactical training scars I guess.

So tonight I did some running around between arrays keeping the gun up.
I caught myself a lot at first but toward the end I was just like Craig Tappe.!!
I wish. But it's something I can keep working on and will do so tomorrow in live fire.

Omaha Superclassifier

Dirk and I took the gray goose on the early morning express
down to shoot a six stage Louisville, NE.

There were 98 shooters. I was 23rd overall and 8th in LTD divison shooting 65.5%
I blew one stage as described below but other than that I shot pretty decent.
Unfortunately I did the math and looks like I missed B class by point three percent.
59.77 doesn't quite make it I will get the B card @ the superclassifier in SF.
This match raised me 6% so it was definately worth fitting it into a jam packed weekend.

Stage 2 uspsa 99-10 Times Two. I didn't brake enough and skidded into the box tossing a mike
but I knew it and came back to it. Left only acceptable shots. 72 percent score anyway.


4.82 HF slowed down for the head on the way back. Time was under 8 seconds

weak off

I dryfired a half hour Wednesday this week and thats it.

Intro class tommorow at 8
Match Sunday
Gear Note
Time to put a new fiber in Vibria.
Got the replacement EGW XL SS ejectors came in.
I tucked them in the eotech box that fits neatly in the midway range bag side pocket
Yeah I still use an Eotech 512.
I have an ACOG as well but I need those diamondhead offset sights before that rifle moves up in line.

SFPS May 14th 2017 Match

Mothers Day so attendance was down to 42 shooters
I scored 14th overall and 1st in Limited Division
I didn't shoot consistently today and wasn't satisfied with my overall performance.
I've certainly done worse though.The shooting itself has become more subconcious.
That should leave more room to have a solid mental game. Right ?

I won't use the excuse that I have so much to do on the scoring because I can shoot
just as poorly out of town when I don't have to work the tech stuff.
I will just need tp spend some time training that aspect or the game and DO IT.

These vides are from Dirk. Diggler's channel

Thanks Dirk!

Stage 4 - Dark Alley - Our first stage of the day.
I get pretty busy before the first stage and I should have taken a couple minutes to visualize.
I didn't execute my plan here on the reload and threw a delta mike. Double engaged a target as well

rain rain

Weather was crappy so I dryfired instead of going to the range
five minutes white wall then SA's first BK drills 1-8 then 6 R 6 to SHO and WHO
time elapsed 1 hour.
reloaded a couple hundred rounds

Geek Note: Need to charge nooks and update the software again before Saturday

B all that I can B

Finally squeaked in with a 62 %
I've been stuck in the mid 50 percent range for years.
Now that I have the C class monkey off my back I can redirect my focus.
Match performance is primary now with the key being the mental game.
I need to focus on doing what is needed for consistent performance at my current level
of skill. Stage planning process - Analyze, Strategize, Memorize and Visualize.
Get the stage plans solid in my head and execute without hesitation. Find the spot and make the shot.

pull the trigger every day

I tried to pull the trigger every day this winter.
I "celebrated achieving a major goal by ..... doing absolutely nothing.

With a four day weekend I made it to the range three times.
Two sessions were productive and one was not.

Sat - Randy and I setup a decent size stage.
Ran it a few times and then broke the different components down
Drilled the components and then ran the stage again a couple more times.
We both averaged around 20 percent better in the runs after the break down.

I couldn't find anyone to practice with Sunday.
I didn't ask Bennefit since he had indicated a couple days earlier that "he wasn't into it anymore."
So Gus got drafted but he was ok with it since he wanted to shoot the X95
I planned to utilize the walls and stuff to do some drills I had photocopied. SOP1 and SOP2 - SA Bk3