Mobil One Picture

I haven't logged anything but I dryfired about an hour a day last week except wednesday.
dryfired saturday. Sunday I went to the range to show Marie the basic range commands etc.
She wants to shoot but the intro class isn't until after the first match. I need to find her a holster
and a gun bag. She's shooting my M&P 22 for now. There's a bad mag or two needs sorted out.
for no score.

closed mondays

Tonight (Tues) I warmed up a little with draws and reloads and then the rest of the time was spent
looking for match mode. I also did a few minutes at teh wall for trigger control.
Fifty minutes and I didn't want to stop.
I did something different tonight for awhile. I just zoned out doing reloads and watched myself.
It was kinda weird but sorta neat. Yeah, I know you want what I'm smoking. C class Zen.

Gear Note: Pic related. Yay I found my missing needle oil bottle