Last saturday morning I dryfired a little then hauled the trailer to the dump.
I picked up a garage fridge on the way back and it only tipped over once.
After I got the trailer back in place I mowed the back lawn.
It was time for a sandwich and a nap but I sucked it up and went to the range.
I shot like ass but videotaped the session and found some fruit to pick @

I asked skippy after the last match where I was losing time and pretty sure he just said, "In and Out".
Watching the video I see what he means. I need to shoot sooner
and I am wasting a lot of time dropping the gun to high ready and back.
watching the vid fred does it a bit randy not so much and Pete not at all.
Tactical training scars I guess.

So tonight I did some running around between arrays keeping the gun up.
I caught myself a lot at first but toward the end I was just like Craig Tappe.!!
I wish. But it's something I can keep working on and will do so tomorrow in live fire.

Geek Note: The file you upload to uspsa has to be generated from
It's not exported from the devices directly anymore. That one stumped me for a couple days
Found a post by Charlie Perez that clued me in.
Also updated the version on the Nook Steve Clark brought back to the range.
I think it's a newer version now than when I did them a few weeks ago.