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I caught a ride with Diggler and shot the ENPS June match.
We left at 4:15 a.m.and got there early enough to spend time pounding stakes.
I also found out why they have that RO checkbox on the registration form.
Although I tried the ol "I'm a horrible RO trick" it didn't work this time ;)
I ran the timer and the nook quite a bit and thankfully didn't have to DQ anyone.

I wanted to mostly concentrate on stage programming and let the shooting take care of itself.
Overall I placed 17 of 82 and 4th of 29 LTD
I got off to a rough start with a couple mikes on the first stage (5)
I missed a popper and tagged a no shoot.
Oh great. First stage jinx returneth. So much for stage prep and execution.
Oh well on to the next stage

The following stage was Stage 1. I did better on this one. I shot it different than anyone else on the squad.
It was also the stage I placed the best on. I don't really get what the deal was here.
A gimmicky strong hand on barrel start and a bunch of no shoots. 4th again and 11 of 82

Stage 2 I had to reshoot, carry the big popper to the shed. Help a guy carry the huge replacement from the shed to the bay.
Load my mag back up while they pounded it down and then shot it again. Actually Bill Becker stepped up because he had to reshoot it too.
I shot it next although they offered to leave me to the bottom. I should have taken that offer. I had Delta Mike and shot it slow.

and here's the reshoot

Stage 3 I had a miss on the swinger. I knew it and almost did the little dance thing.
But I was already into the reload for the next array so I left it.

Fun match.I've shot better but I have shot way worse as well. 92 degrees
Great day and made it home just in time for supper.