% LTD and 58

This was an interesting match. I have a guy at work whose daughter has been shooting and she wanted him to try his hand at the game.
Cool, I've never gotten anyone from work to come out and play the game
I loaned him a PPQ setup and after he practiced with it one time he came to work bragging how he was going to beat me.
I asked him to put his money where his mouth is and we bet 20 bucks. Later in the day, I felt kinda bad and went and explained
how the odds were against him regarding major vs minor scoring and we lowered the bet to five bucks.

Match day came and although I planned to throw a few points to keep him interested it almost blew up in my face.
My goal for the match was to concentrate on the stage programming process and see my sights for every shot.
After final setup I walked the stages and had 4 of them in my head and actually visualized them.

I got to the last one and it was a memory stage. Robert needed help with syncing so I decided not to program stage three and just shoot it cold.
I figured I'd skip a popper and drop some points so the overall placement would come out closer between us.
Bad idea.
As soon as I got the make ready command on that stage I felt nauseous because I had no idea what targets to
engage from where and Chad had been shooting better thanI expected. I didn't plan to zero the stage but with 3 FTE and 5 mikes, yeah I zeroed it. That dropped me
seven places overall and I came out just one place ahead of him in Limited division. Too close for comfort. I collected my five bucks, helped tear down
and went home for a nap. Didn't even go to lunch.

So I learned a couple things. I DO have the ability to figure out stages and get them memorized.
I've reached the point where I can visualize a stage to a much greater degree. Still not exactly what order of targets in an array
but overall strategy of positions and reloads and where to go next.Seeing it in my mind's eye.
It takes me much longer than most other people I've observed but I can do it now.

Jon and Brandon did pretty much all the RO work so I had time to do more visualization but I didn't take advantage of that like I should have.
Got too busy chatting with people and my squad was pretty lazy that day so I did quite a lot of stage resetting. Fun day but I shouldn't have
been screwing around with that side bet monkey business. It was fun giving Chad an award the next day (a mini dryfire target that had "Close but No Cigar" written on it.)

P.S. - I deleted the stage I bombed on my phone and I would have come out at 58% of overall match winner and and 69 % LTD.
One percent behind Greg Nellermoe. Pretty much my usual placement. Lesson learned and No tears shed.