Dirk and I took the gray goose on the early morning express
down to shoot a six stage superclassifier.in Louisville, NE.

There were 98 shooters. I was 23rd overall and 8th in LTD divison shooting 65.5%
I blew one stage as described below but other than that I shot pretty decent.
Unfortunately I did the math and looks like I missed B class by point three percent.
59.77 doesn't quite make it I will get the B card @ the superclassifier in SF.
This match raised me 6% so it was definately worth fitting it into a jam packed weekend.

Stage 2 uspsa 99-10 Times Two. I didn't brake enough and skidded into the box tossing a mike
but I knew it and came back to it. Left only acceptable shots. 72 percent score anyway.


4.82 HF slowed down for the head on the way back. Time was under 8 seconds

Steely stage

I took a call from work right before this stage.Never ever again. So here is the gun juggler video
I was super tense and this is what happens. I should have probably been dq'd.

the match stages were

13-06 "Too Close For Comfort"

99-10 "Times Two"

06-04 "Fluffy's Revenge 1"

13-06 "Bang and Clang"

06-07 "Steely Speed IV"

99-08 "Melody Line"