I tried to pull the trigger every day this winter.
I "celebrated achieving a major goal by ..... doing absolutely nothing.

With a four day weekend I made it to the range three times.
Two sessions were productive and one was not.

Sat - Randy and I setup a decent size stage.
Ran it a few times and then broke the different components down
Drilled the components and then ran the stage again a couple more times.
We both averaged around 20 percent better in the runs after the break down.

I couldn't find anyone to practice with Sunday.
I didn't ask Bennefit since he had indicated a couple days earlier that "he wasn't into it anymore."
So Gus got drafted but he was ok with it since he wanted to shoot the X95
I planned to utilize the walls and stuff to do some drills I had photocopied. SOP1 and SOP2 - SA Bk3

Gus shot the tavor first and then along come Jason and Shev? WTFO?
We chatted a bit and we each ran the stage once.
Once I told Jason how fast Randy did it in I knew he'd run it repeatedly until he beat that time.
So I packed it up and left. I still have the printouts for another day.

Monday Randy heavily modified the stage we had left up and Pete joined us.
Again we did the same thing but this time I focused mainly on stage planning and visualizing.
I did it better than I have in the past.
It turns out my way wasn't optimal but it wasn't actually much if any slower.
It included a target that I double engaged a couple times toward the end.
We didn't really drill on this stage like we did on Saturday but there were three of us and we only shot half as long.

So it was a pretty productive weekend.
I reloaded a few hundred rounds.
Randy gave me a half a five gallon bucket of .40
Both guns ran flawless and I didn't get wet