Great weather for the first local club match of the year.
I placed 3rd of 22 in Limited and 15 of 49 overall.

The match started out OK as the first stage turned out to be my best one of the day
I had that one programmed and visualized and actually visualized part it again at make ready.

The next stage I had a small glitch which wasn't two bad considering I changed my stage plan.
I was last in the order and it was not a complicated stage so I felt ok about doing that. Usually I won't
It was mini targets (newly legal in uspsa this year). Four basic arrays. Waited for the sights and it turned out fine.

On to bay one. Here I had a worse glitch where I setup twice where I only needed to once. Tossed a mike on the swinger
Hit factor turned out OK so it wasn't a flaming disaster.
Bay 5 went fine except I posted up at a position I know i could have kept moving.
I also struggled with some steel at the end of this stage. a bad grip that I didn't adjust.

Last stage in Bay 3 I lost focus and didn't step into the box at the start and earned a procedural. It could have been worse
if the RO had interpreted the error as six procedurals. No competitive advantage so I only got one.

The E-scoring worked fine ( I had been a little nervous about that ) except someone accidently DQ'd Wally so I had to fix that.

In summary, trusting skills to my subconscious and a better focus on process helped immensely.
Analyze Strategize Memorize Visualize.

Brandon and Skippy ran the squad so that helped a lot for me to focus on process.
Bennet also told me to relax a couple times and that helped too.
Sometime I don't notice the tension building but need to do so better to prevent hurrying rushing and trying.