What a nice change. I didn't have to hold a timer once this match.
I definately chatted too much when I should have been visualizing.
I only had one interruption to replace an overheated nook. I was on deck of course.
My goal was to visualy progam each stage three times and I failed to achieve that.
My other goal was to leave acceptable shots on each target. I did not achieve that either.
I zeroed a standards stage as did half the shooters. Lost my balance on the classifier.
Last stage of a hot ass day was a memory stage and I lost my plan and got a bit lost.
I need to practice hard entry to ports and leaning positions. Need new brake pads too.
All things considered I had a better match than the last couple and feel I am climbing out of the rut.
Score Summary Here

lost my balance on the classifier and threw a D. had to adjust position on the low port cost me a second

Here was the funnest stage, I love the straight forward run and gun stuff.

Whole match different camera/photographer