Mothers Day so attendance was down to 42 shooters
I scored 14th overall and 1st in Limited Division
I didn't shoot consistently today and wasn't satisfied with my overall performance.
I've certainly done worse though.The shooting itself has become more subconcious.
That should leave more room to have a solid mental game. Right ?

I won't use the excuse that I have so much to do on the scoring because I can shoot
just as poorly out of town when I don't have to work the tech stuff.
I will just need tp spend some time training that aspect or the game and DO IT.

These vides are from Dirk. Diggler's channel

Thanks Dirk!

Stage 4 - Dark Alley - Our first stage of the day.
I get pretty busy before the first stage and I should have taken a couple minutes to visualize.
I didn't execute my plan here on the reload and threw a delta mike. Double engaged a target as well

this is stage 2 Man of Steel -
I figured I might get a mike on the hidden steel on this one (TKR)
I ended up with two mikes.
And I fought the star *sigh*
not a disaster but needs improvement.

this is stage 5 Ironman 2 - I had two plans in my head and uncertainty about two head popper shots and a far paper I might forget.
So I had two plans in my head and executed the first one half assed. Another mental error - lack of proper stage prep process

this is stage 1. Faceplant
a virginia count stage with a mandatory reload. My gun fell out of the holster when I was on deck. Oopsie.
I was too slow on this one. The top half and reload went ok but when I went prone like a boss I bounced.
That doesn't happen on the ground and I found myself out of position and had to pull myself forward a bit.
Shot decent points though

Stage 3 - Trip Aces - who makes up these stupid stage names anyway?

I was a little slow again here and missed some easy steel. Last reload transitioning to right port was lacadasical.

Here is the footage from my sony camera

All in all a great weekend of shooting
I got to help a new youth shooter get started. She did an excellent job.