Skippy came down yesterday and practiced with Ryan and I.
It was a whole lot of fun. Jon and I worked with Ryan on the basics and he picked stuff up pretty quickly.
After Ryan left Jon and I did mostly plate rack drills and we both sucked. Learned a couple things from him as usual.
I shot Skippy's 9mm 1911 which was ridiculous. Now I want one.

All in all a good day of practice. 9am - 4pm may have been a bit much too soon.
I really didn't feel well when I got home. I managed to get my range bag inside and the guns put in the safe.

Couldn't eat dinner and went to bed at 7. Slept 12 hours which is double my normal sleep duration.
Jon mentioned I had improved over last year which felt good. Looking forward to a fun season.
Going to practice with Josh K. at noon. I imagine we will get wet as it's supposed to rain.