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did some live fire training with Roger wednesday evening.
Setup a bunch of crap and shot it different ways and then broke it down to components
Also Analyzed that weakhand barrel pickup. I'm surprised we don't see that more.

Meeting Randy tonight @ 5. Skippy sent me a reminder to start hydrating because
it's gonna be an oven in Omaha on Sunday.

The Mayor of Suckville

Bad match a gazillion mikes many of which were on steel so I was slow too.
I think I stayed up too late working on the rusty Merc. Those Miracle Paint fumes. blech
There was also a lot of drama and I really didn't have the focus I needed to shoot.
Here is the only halfway decent stage I had.

Here is some footage of the suckage



Steel at Sioux River Sportsman

I drove down to Canton to shoot plates Wednesday evening.
It's a very laid back and a fun group of guys.
Some of them shoot at Corson too but I never get to talk to them at those matches.
Fun change of pace and I needed it.
I lost to Dustin because my transitions suck.
I did watch one guy really struggle and I thought "I sure am glad that's not me anymore."

Nothing takes 15 minutes

yeah I guess I better adjust that 15 minutes a day goal to a half an hour.
It took an hour to do 15 minutes today. I also need to write an on season training plan.
Tonight I felt kinda lost until I grabbed the SA book I worked with all winter.
My times are still there and I didn't feel as clumsy as I thought I might.
It was all static stuff to get out of C class so I need make a list of weaknesses and drills to improve them.

June 11 SFPS match

Ugh. Tired and sluggish. Finding it takes a lot more effort to dryfire in the summer.
In the winter it just becomes part of a daily routine. In the summer, not so much.
I have to regain the discipline for at least 15 minutes a day until area 3.

Last match 15th of 32 overall and 2 of 9 in LTD. Wally is catching me.

Match results

The DirkWagon eXxpress

score summary picture

I caught a ride with Diggler and shot the ENPS June match.
We left at 4:15 a.m.and got there early enough to spend time pounding stakes.
I also found out why they have that RO checkbox on the registration form.
Although I tried the ol "I'm a horrible RO trick" it didn't work this time ;)
I ran the timer and the nook quite a bit and thankfully didn't have to DQ anyone.

I wanted to mostly concentrate on stage programming and let the shooting take care of itself.
Overall I placed 17 of 82 and 4th of 29 LTD
I got off to a rough start with a couple mikes on the first stage (5)
I missed a popper and tagged a no shoot.
Oh great. First stage jinx returneth. So much for stage prep and execution.
Oh well on to the next stage

pull the trigger every day

I tried to pull the trigger every day this winter.
I "celebrated achieving a major goal by ..... doing absolutely nothing.

With a four day weekend I made it to the range three times.
Two sessions were productive and one was not.

Sat - Randy and I setup a decent size stage.
Ran it a few times and then broke the different components down
Drilled the components and then ran the stage again a couple more times.
We both averaged around 20 percent better in the runs after the break down.

I couldn't find anyone to practice with Sunday.
I didn't ask Bennefit since he had indicated a couple days earlier that "he wasn't into it anymore."
So Gus got drafted but he was ok with it since he wanted to shoot the X95
I planned to utilize the walls and stuff to do some drills I had photocopied. SOP1 and SOP2 - SA Bk3

B all that I can B

Finally squeaked in with a 62 %
I've been stuck in the mid 50 percent range for years.
Now that I have the C class monkey off my back I can redirect my focus.
Match performance is primary now with the key being the mental game.
I need to focus on doing what is needed for consistent performance at my current level
of skill. Stage planning process - Analyze, Strategize, Memorize and Visualize.
Get the stage plans solid in my head and execute without hesitation. Find the spot and make the shot.