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100 little reps

I got a little over 200 rds loaded and case gauged last night.
I didn't hate filling primer tubes until I knew there was a better way
I keep deforming the yellow tips. I am down to one that picks up reliably.
Pissed me off so I ordered that VibraPrime that kermit reviewed. Jon said he'd mod it for me

Inconsistency continues

07-19-2015 Club match

6 stages, tanked the classifier and steel challenge stage
Things went wonky on array two of stage 6 and I ran the gun dry.
After that standing reload, what little concentration I had vanished and I failed to engage an easy target.

Of 38 shooters here is how I fared per stage.
1 - 6th
2 - 5th
3- 29th
4 - 37th
5 - 8th
6 - 27th

I think even Skippy was disgusted and invited me up to his AO next week to practice.
I took him up on it of course. Maybe he has a box of miracles up there.

practice with fred

Regarding your txt mesg:
> Based on your performance at the sectional what should you be practicing tonight ?

How does one practice pulling their head out of their butt ?

Top 3 things I did wrong:

(1) Stage planning and execution. This what killed me.

(2) Reloads. ( holding the mag release button long enough while keeping the magwell vertical until the mag is free as well as properly seating magazine)

(3) Ports: keeping the gun out of them as much as possible and knowing what will targets will be there and in what order I will engage them instead of hunting for them.

Looking at area3 stages:

There is an unloaded table start
Wide transitions between poppers
SHO while moving and SHO through ports medium distance (ball stage)
4 drop turns on stage 9
one shot A hits / transitions on turtle target arrays

Shit Show ex·tra·or·di·naire

While it was Mississippi hot and my arm is AFU there is no excuse for how poorly I shot the GPS.
I can hardly stomach watching video. short version of mistake list to follow video review.
Since the scores were posted with the android version there is no individual breakdown summary.
I had the worst mental game ever.In 9 stages I had 13 mikes; 2 NS and 3 FTE. Wow.