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Thirty two minutes. five at the wall. draws while moving.
kinda made a new drill up running sideways back and forth in the available area
while doing reloads using all magpouches then start over. Get practice both ways and
about the right distance to get it done in a step and a half. a few unloaded starts and done.

Need to clean the guns and chrono current load. Began trying to get some spring yardwork done in the evenings
so if it's nice this weekend I can get to the range.

Fields of Brass

Practiced with Josh today for a ninety minutes

accelerator. High standards. platerack transition drill.
platerack drill with sticks like yesterday only backwards as well.
I did some platerack drills shoot 3 reload shoot 3 but josh didn't want to get his mags dirty
platerack on the move drill

After the dirtwork and the dragging mags really do pick up silt / fine dirt fast.
I had a couple get messed up and had to brush them out.
A good rain or two should settle that down.

Brought home a decent amount of brass.
Sure hope skippy is able to get me a bucket at the range he works at (hint hint)
Fred brought me some brass yesterday again. Thanks Fred.
Two more weeks until the first match of the year. I thought it may never come.

six hours in the pit

Skippy came down yesterday and practiced with Ryan and I.
It was a whole lot of fun. Jon and I worked with Ryan on the basics and he picked stuff up pretty quickly.
After Ryan left Jon and I did mostly plate rack drills and we both sucked. Learned a couple things from him as usual.
I shot Skippy's 9mm 1911 which was ridiculous. Now I want one.

All in all a good day of practice. 9am - 4pm may have been a bit much too soon.
I really didn't feel well when I got home. I managed to get my range bag inside and the guns put in the safe.

Couldn't eat dinner and went to bed at 7. Slept 12 hours which is double my normal sleep duration.
Jon mentioned I had improved over last year which felt good. Looking forward to a fun season.
Going to practice with Josh K. at noon. I imagine we will get wet as it's supposed to rain.

50 MPH

Mobil One Picture

I haven't logged anything but I dryfired about an hour a day last week except wednesday.
dryfired saturday. Sunday I went to the range to show Marie the basic range commands etc.
She wants to shoot but the intro class isn't until after the first match. I need to find her a holster
and a gun bag. She's shooting my M&P 22 for now. There's a bad mag or two needs sorted out.
for no score.

closed mondays

Tonight (Tues) I warmed up a little with draws and reloads and then the rest of the time was spent
looking for match mode. I also did a few minutes at teh wall for trigger control.
Fifty minutes and I didn't want to stop.
I did something different tonight for awhile. I just zoned out doing reloads and watched myself.
It was kinda weird but sorta neat. Yeah, I know you want what I'm smoking. C class Zen.

Gear Note: Pic related. Yay I found my missing needle oil bottle

cm 09-11 Razor's Edge

I think I know why they call it razors edge.
You can't just shoot center of brown since there are only 30 points.
Playing around in practiscore even with major power factor any D's kill you.

I need over a 4.21 HF for a B score so...
I need it done in 5.25 seconds
with 2 A 3 C and 1 D to get a 4.57 HF

If I shot all A's I can go 6.50 seconds.
So I was wondering about just shooting headshots since they are away from the no-shoots and I texted Skippy
He said he'd have to try it but it's probably a bad idea.

I dryfired it a few times (ok about twenty times) and it does seem like a bad idea. It takes too long .
I'd probably be more likely to throw a mike.

I just need to snap my eyes to the right spot and not fear the no shoots
This one is proof I my transitions are low hanging fruit.

I don't think I will be able to make the Omaha superclassifier since I have graduation in Mankato the day before.
Maybe but that would be two long days and not much sleep. We'll see.

Heads Up - B class dead ahead.

Yesterday I was going to practice with Josh and Gary but they felt it was too cold and windy.
Of course by 2 pm it was beautiful weather and I was disappointed. I found a cure for it though.
About ten gallons of gas through the Alligator ( MB S500 ) and two hours later I felt great.
I can't remember owning a car I so thoroughly enjoy driving.
We are still getting aquainted but managed not to run into anything or anyone ;)

Dryfire tonight was SA BK1 drills 1-4; drill 20 and five minutes at the wall.
Drill 20 was a little frustrating at first but I am getting a little better at snapping eyes first to next target
Same with the turn and draw. If I just concentrate on quickly snapping my head to get my eyes on the target the rest of the body just follows.
My feet are pivoting more consistently tonight. Before I could never pivot on my right foot because it was painful
so I have been working to break the habit of pivoting on my left foot. Still clumsy but making progress and it's definitely faster and more stable

rushing trying and hurrying

How To Get To The Next Level
Feb 23, 2017 Anderson podcast
I really liked this episode.It hits pretty close to home.
Goal is leaving acceptable hits on targets.
I am at the match to see an acceptable sight picture on every shot
I did 58 minutes of match mode practice tonight

gear note: case gauging for match ammo.
geek note: I did more analysis of the SC stages today. I can do this.

Match Mode Mood

nook picture

Didn't want to dryfire tonight but I put on Steve Anderson's podcast and got to work.
Sorta.For about twenty minutes
He's had a couple podcasts on match mode dryfire so I did that.

I have practiced "match mode" dryfire a couple times before but not using nearly every target I have.
Ran it six or seven times for 25 seconds as fast I could call the shots. It was hot mess at first but got better at the end.
Pretty easy to call and make up misses on mini scaled steel targets.
I had paper mixed in too simulating activated targets. I used three rooms and two doors and a stacked blue barrel barricade.

I need to do this more often. It really got my heart pumping.
Maybe I should dig out the wife's long forgotten and buried treadmill.
Nah, I'll just have another cigarette and then reload ammo for an hour or so. : |

Gear Note: I got all the Nooks updated except the one they used at Garys Gun Shop.
Last year I didn't get that one back until the first match so I couldn't use it until the second match.

Daylight Shaving Time

Snowing and Blowing today so I didn't go to Garretson.
I am sick of shooting indoors anyway.

Did just the wall drill this morning and a few el prez drills.
Then I did an hour and 15 minutes after supper.
SA BK 1 drills
14 - front sight turn
15 - 2 reload 2
16 - Bill reload Drill
17 - Headshot sight picture
18 - Table draws - standing and sitting from a barrel
19 - 1 x 6
finished with some movement watching the sights bounce all over :(

Gear Note:
Almost out of bullets again. I Didn't order any because I spent the money on Joshua's oral surgery bill.
Randy emailed me that he has a drop in thumb rest he will let me try
I use the Dry Fire Par Time Tracker app.
I used it last year too.
I paid the three bucks for the full version so I could store multiple drills but I don't
really use that part much. I just adjust the times on one drill. So the free version would have been just fine.