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The Protective Barrier

The best stuff for dry cracked hands

Tonight I found an excuse for last night's hot mess.
When I started dryfire I noticed my mags were slippery. Duh. I knew my hands were a little slippery but didn't realize how much that affected things
Hopefully that is at least partially because I am gripping the gun much harder and not cheating the grip in dryfire.
I remember how that burnt me two years ago.

Yes, boys and girls, working hands hand cream should be applied before bed and not a couple hours before dryfire.

Tonight went much better although it's blatantly evident I need to practice at least five times a week.
An hour and ten minutes. Started with five minutes at the wall but from leaning positions trying not to cant the gun.

Then SA drill 13 front sight foward. Then I did some wide transition and focus change drills.
Finished up with reloading while leaving a position. Left to right and right to left. I am better left to right.

the ugly stick


Ever feel like throwing your gun across the room ?
Tonight I seriously had to suppress the impulse. WTFO ?
Dryfire was so bad it was a challenge to not just rage quit.
Maybe that's a bit how Bennefit felt at the area match last year
Magazine grip was inconsistent as hell and missed the whole gaping magwell at least three times.
Bad grip on draw multiple times. Catching myself with a wimpy support hand grip.
Randy says "Sometimes, it's just the day."
I will try again in the morning.
five minutes at the wall and then SA drills 8 - 12.
a LONG 1 hour 3 minutes.
There would be more colorful language in this entry but ...
I'm pretty sure my mom reads this blog :)


An hour an 15 minutes which was too long and my elbow will hurt in the morning.
I better wear that cursed brace to sleep tonight.
5 minutes at the wall and then Steve Andersons drills 1-7.
Finished with an unloaded start to edge of magwell drill
Finding I want to insert it lower than a regular reload
Weakhand draws still have along way to go.
Index is getting better. The wall drill is getting better.
I think that short flat trigger helped. That or the zillion trigger presses.
Starting to be able to hold the sight steadier with a faster slap.

Registered for April match in NE and will register for the Sectional tomorrow.

Still kicking around the idea of purchasing a thumb rest and alpha-x race holster.
Researched the thumb rest. I think if I do it I will get the Saul Kirsh adjustable one.
That drop in one just seems to far rearward. It's kinda close to the beginning of the season
for a gear change. I have learned I am a bit slow to adapt to new gear

March 3 Omaha Match

Sometime it is interesting what you hear in the video background.
"He did it the hard way" refering to setting up on a small steel plate with a big penalty popper behind it.
Not the brightest idea which I realized after I had the plan already in my head so I stuck with it and got lucky.

I went to the match with the intent of shooting a clean consistent match. There were many things I could have done better.
I shoot my best when I see my sights on every shot. thing from steve anderson seems to really help chase out all the negative thoughts.
I had a dead primer which then caused another malfunction when I was one short on the array.
I chased a mag forever on a bungled reload that I should have just dropped.
No penalties and just two D's.
classifier was 52.7% which raises me a whopping 1.2 percent
but 65.3% in my division club match = goal achieved.

Gear Note: My equipment ran fine. I am going to order that thumb rest steve did.

a short list

shhhh shooter sleeping

First road trip of the season.
I drive for various reasons.
One of the reasons is as pictured :)
The short list is:
I smoke like a chimney
I drive like a nut.
The Honda Pilot is perfect size for three guys and gear.
I bring an AR, the faithful Coleman, jumper cables, tools and other crap.
For instance, you can't take a roll of paper towels and brake cleaner when riding with someone else
( But I have used both)

one of those days

So is a bad practice better than no practice at all ?
Here's the footage of last Sunday afternoon.

Cleaned the Edge last night and Vibria this afternoon.
Just the hose and dunk method but they'll run fine.
Put new fiber in the Edge.

Gear Note: Had the replacement gel pad cups in my cart today but never checked out.

match mood

Last week I dryfired three nights about 40 minutes each.
Went to Garretson on Sunday for an hour. I noticed weakhand grip slipping.
I should order a thumb rest gas pedal or shoot minor ;)

Weather is supposed to be 60+ so I signed up for the Omaha match Sunday.
I was going to give the up and back in a day method a try.
Be sure to wave when you pass the rest area. zzzzzzz

Dryfire tonight was about 30 minutes of various sa drills and then
I finished with some "match mode" stuff and it seems like forever waiting on the front sight.
I blame my crappy basement light but will admit the sight is covered in blast residue.
I suppose it's time for some brake cleaner, mobil 1 and new fibers.

Gear Note:
Got new shoes, same as the old shoes but a half size larger.
They feel much better.

April showers

Sunday I shot rifles at the benchrest range in the morning.
Then I went from there to the big sioux range and practiced with Bennefit and Roger.
Ran a mini stage a few times is all since I forgot my belt amidst loading all the rifle stuff.
Weather so far is looking crappy for Omaha match on March 5th .
So it looks like my first match of the season will be Omaha on April 2

a slight pause

Mr. Diggler picked me up and we went to Big Sioux today to enjoy the freak weather.
At first we couldn't get through the gate. The padlock wouldn't budge. Arghh.
Tried various combos and neither one of us could get it open. Called Fred who said the combo hadn't changed.
Finally after a copious dose of Mobil 1 and beating on the side of the lock with my leatherman
it popped open.

Started with el prez cold. 5.92 I think?
Strong hand draws @ 7 just over a second with 0.99 the fastest pretty much just indexing
Josh showed up and then Randy and then Fred and Steve.
Fred and Steve shot in bay two, Randy migrated back and forth.

I had a hell of a hard time with a small steel plate with SHO and WHO at the end of the practice.
I did ok practicing high standards and Bill drills at 25 yards.
I am feeling faster than last year. My times on stuff were pretty close to Josh
I shot 4 aces a couple times and the reload was 1.2x
Shot 350sih mixed practice rounds today with one failure to chamber

Oh and yes, shooting PCC does indeed feel like cheating and is a hoot.